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Introducing the DH Invader by Kali, the brand new downhill helmet that takes the proven category leader to a whole new level with added protection. As avid riders ourselves, we at Ride Review have poured through numerous reviews and specifications to bring you this comprehensive overview of the DH Invader. One standout feature of the DH Invader is its super light and airy design. Riders appreciate the enhanced protection it offers without compromising on weight or aesthetics. With a unibody chinbar that passes the motorcycle chinbar test, the Invader is ready for aggressive descending. Massive vents help keep you cool during intense rides, ensuring optimal comfort. The DH Invader comes with included replacement padding kits, making it adjustable to fit multiple head sizes. This feature appeals to most riders, providing a customized and secure fit. Additionally, the helmet is equipped with anti-microbial pads, ensuring a clean and fresh ride every time. The convenient Fidlock magnetic buckle adds to the overall ease of use and functionality of the helmet. Safety is a top priority for Kali, as evidenced by their industry-leading Lifetime Crash Replacement policy. This policy demonstrates their commitment to their customers and ensures that you can rely on the DH Invader for years to come. While the DH Invader has many positive attributes, it's important to note a couple of drawbacks. Some riders have experienced minor discomfort due to scratchy feeling pads. Additionally, the helmet isn't certified to higher full-face testing standards. However, these limitations may not be significant concerns for all riders, especially considering the overall protection and performance the helmet provides. In summary, the DH Invader by Kali is a top choice for downhill riders looking for enhanced protection, convenience, and comfort. Its light and airy design, adjustable fit, and industry-leading Lifetime Crash Replacement policy make it a solid investment for serious riders. Although there may be some minor comfort issues and it lacks higher full-face testing certification, the DH Invader remains a reliable choice for downhill enthusiasts. You can find the Kali DH Invader helmet on their website as well as in independent bicycle shops. So why wait? Gear up and hit the trails with confidence, knowing that the DH Invader has your back.




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6 Reasons to Buy the DH INVADER

  • It is super light and airy
  • Comes with included replacement padding kits to fit multiple head sizes
  • Appeals to most riders in terms of overall shape
  • Enhanced protection and convenient features like a Fidlock magnetic buckle and anti-microbial pads
  • Industry-leading Lifetime Crash Replacement policy
  • Passes the motorcycle chinbar test and has massive vents for cooling

2 Reasons Not to Buy the DH INVADER

  • Not the most comfortable due to scratchy feeling pads
  • Not certified to higher full-face testing standards

Bottom Line

The DH INVADER is a lightweight and well-designed micromobility helmet that offers enhanced protection and convenient features. With its industry-leading crash replacement policy and advanced cooling system, it's a top choice for riders looking for a reliable and functional helmet. Although the comfort could be improved and it lacks higher full-face testing certifications, the overall benefits of the DH INVADER make it a great option for riders seeking a well-rounded and protective helmet.

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Frequently Asked Questions - DH INVADER

Are there any comfort concerns I should be aware of before purchasing the DH INVADER helmet?

Some riders have reported minor discomfort due to scratchy-feeling pads, which is something to consider if you have sensitive skin or require a softer touch from helmet padding.
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Does the DH INVADER helmet have adequate ventilation?

Yes, the DH INVADER helmet is designed with massive vents to aid in cooling during intense rides, providing optimal ventilation for comfort.

What material is the DH INVADER helmet made from?

The specific materials used in the DH INVADER helmet are not detailed in the provided product information. However, it is described as super light and airy, indicating the use of lightweight materials for comfort and ventilation.

Does the DH INVADER helmet come with a crash replacement policy?

Yes, Kali Protectives offers an industry-leading Lifetime Crash Replacement policy for the DH INVADER helmet, showing a commitment to customer safety and product reliability.

What type of buckle does the DH INVADER helmet have?

The DH INVADER helmet features a Fidlock magnetic buckle, which is known for its easy handling and secure fastening.

Where can I purchase the DH INVADER helmet?

You can purchase the DH INVADER helmet directly from the Kali Protectives website or in independent bicycle shops.

Is the DH INVADER helmet suitable for motorcycle use?

The DH INVADER helmet has a unibody chinbar that passes the motorcycle chinbar test; however, it's primarily designed for downhill riding and may not be certified for general motorcycle use.

Does the DH INVADER come in different sizes?

While it's not specifically stated that the DH INVADER comes in different sizes, it does come with included replacement padding kits to adjust to fit multiple head sizes, indicating a degree of adjustability for various head sizes.

Are the pads in the DH INVADER helmet washable?

The product information doesn't specifically mention if the pads are washable, but they are equipped with anti-microbial properties to ensure a clean ride.

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