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If you're a parent, you know that getting your child to wear a helmet can sometimes be a battle. But what if we told you there's a helmet out there that not only protects their noggin but also lets them show off their style? Enter Krash Mohawk Helmets—the perfect combination of safety and self-expression. At Ride Review, we prioritize safety above all else, and we're always on the lookout for innovative gear that keeps riders protected. In our quest for the perfect helmet for kids, we stumbled upon Krash Mohawk Helmets, and they immediately caught our attention. With a unique bendable rubber mohawk design, these helmets are sure to make your child excited to wear them. When it comes to safety, Krash Mohawk Helmets checks all the boxes. Not only do they have adjustable straps for a snug and secure fit, but they also comply with the US CPSC guidelines—the gold standard for helmet safety. So you can rest easy knowing that your child's head is well-protected. But safety isn't the only thing that matters. Comfort is key, especially when it comes to helmets. That's why Krash Mohawk Helmets are designed with cooling vents for better airflow, keeping your child's head cool and comfortable during those hot summer rides. Plus, the lightweight construction ensures that wearing the helmet won't be a burden for your little one. While we couldn't find much information on the brand itself, the overwhelming positive reviews speak volumes about the quality of Krash Mohawk Helmets. Parents and kids alike rave about the excellent comfort and build quality, making them a great value for money. However, it's worth noting that there is limited information available about the warranty for these helmets. We recommend reaching out to the manufacturer directly for any warranty inquiries or concerns. In conclusion, if you're in the market for a helmet that combines safety, style, and comfort, Krash Mohawk Helmets are an excellent choice. With their unique design, adjustable fit, and compliance with safety guidelines, they provide the protection your child needs while letting them express their individuality. And with the added bonus of cooling vents, your child will be comfortable and happy during every ride.




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4 Reasons to Buy The Krash Mohawk Helmet

  • Bendable rubber mohawk design
  • Adjustable straps for a snug fit
  • Complies with the US CPSC guideline
  • Cooling vents for better airflow

2 Reasons Not to Buy The Krash Mohawk Helmet

  • Limited information on the brand
  • No warranty information

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a helmet that’s the perfect blend of style and protection, the Krash mohawk helmet is the best choice. The quirky mohawk and bold colors make a style statement and the CPSC-compliant design keeps your child safe, all for a great price.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Krash Mohawk Helmets

What is the price of the Krash Mohawk Helmet?

The Krash Mohawk Helmet is priced at 23 USD.
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How adjustable is the Krash Mohawk Helmet?

The helmet has adjustable straps to ensure a snug and secure fit for the wearer.

What age range is the Krash Mohawk Helmet designed for?

The Krash Mohawk Helmet is designed for kids ages 8 to 14.

What are some selling points of the Krash Mohawk Helmet?

Selling points include a bendable rubber mohawk design, adjustable straps for a secure fit, compliance with US CPSC guidelines for safety, and cooling vents for better airflow.

Are there any comfort features incorporated in the helmet?

Yes, the helmet includes cooling vents for better airflow and is designed to be lightweight for comfort.

Can the Krash Mohawk Helmet be used for commuting and urban environments?

Yes, the helmet is suitable for use as a commuter helmet in urban environments, especially for kids who ride bikes.

Is the mohawk design on the helmet rigid?

No, the mohawk on the helmet is made of bendable rubber and does not compromise protection.

Is there warranty information provided with the Krash Mohawk Helmet?

No, there is limited information available about the warranty for these helmets. It's recommended to contact the manufacturer directly for any warranty inquiries.

Does the Krash Mohawk Helmet comply with safety guidelines?

Yes, the Krash Mohawk Helmet complies with the US CPSC guidelines for helmet safety.

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