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Surron X Bike (Black Edition)

Updated: November, 2023


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The Surron X Bike (Black Edition) is a unique combination of a mountain bike and a motorcycle, offering riders a thrilling and futuristic riding experience. With a peak speed of 47mph, it delivers a quick and exhilarating ride. Priced at around $4,000, it provides good value for money compared to its counterpart, the Segway X160. This high-performing electric dirt bike stands out in terms of handling, speed, and power efficiency. It is equipped with a 60v Panasonic battery, a proprietary sine-wave controller, and a 6 kW mid-drive motor. These components ensure a powerful and efficient ride. The Sur Ron X can be easily customized with various upgrade options, allowing riders to personalize their experience according to their preferences. The bike's power, range, and design have received positive feedback, with riders appreciating its performance on and off-road. While the Sur Ron X excels in many areas, it is worth noting that it is not built for rough terrains. Some riders have raised concerns about the quality of the tires and brakes, although these issues appear to be minor. Additionally, a few riders have experienced some handling and customization challenges. In terms of design and build quality, the Sur Ron X Bike (Black Edition) is well-received, featuring a futuristic look and solid construction. However, some consumers may find the price of $3,600 a bit steep. Overall, the Sur Ron X Bike (Black Edition) offers a unique and thrilling riding experience for those seeking a combination of a mountain bike and a motorcycle. With its high performance, customization options, and solid design, it is a compelling choice for riders looking for an electric dirt bike.

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7 Reasons to Buy the Surron X Bike (Black Edition)

  • The Sur Ron X offers a unique riding experience by combining aspects of a mountain bike and a motorcycle.
  • It has a quick peak speed of 47mph, providing a thrilling ride.
  • Good value for the price, with an MSRP of around $4,000.
  • It outperforms its counterpart, the Segway X160, in handling, speed, and power efficiency.
  • Easily customizable upgrade options available.
  • High performance with good power and range.
  • Futuristic design with well-received built quality and features.

4 Reasons Not to Buy the Surron X Bike (Black Edition)

  • Not built for rough terrains.
  • Concerns about tire quality and brakes.
  • Some minor issues with handling and customization.
  • Some find it pricey at $3,600.

Bottom Line

The Surron X Bike (Black Edition) offers a thrilling and unique riding experience, combining the best of both mountain biking and motorcycles. With a quick peak speed of 47mph and excellent power efficiency, it delivers high-performance and adrenaline-pumping rides. Despite some concerns about tire quality and brakes, the Surron X Bike is praised for its futuristic design, customizable options, and good value for the price. While it may not be suitable for rough terrains, it outperforms its competitor, the Segway X160, in terms of handling, speed, and power. Overall, the Surron X Bike is a well-built and feature-rich micromobility vehicle that offers an exciting ride for those looking for a unique and powerful option.


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