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Picture this: You're cruising down city streets, effortlessly gliding past traffic, with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face. That's the experience you can expect with the Mokwheel Asphalt eBike. We at Ride Review have scoured the web, pouring through countless reviews to bring you this comprehensive overview of the Mokwheel Asphalt and all its features and capabilities. Let's start with the basics. The Mokwheel Asphalt is an electric bike specifically tailored for urban commuting. Its sleek design and well-built construction make it a reliable and stylish choice for riders of all skill levels. With a battery capacity that allows for a full day of riding without frequent recharging, you can confidently navigate the city streets with ease. One of the standout features of the Mokwheel Asphalt is its torque sensor. This innovative technology provides effective power output, enabling you to reach faster speeds and cover longer distances. Whether you're zipping through crowded neighborhoods or tackling longer commutes, the Mokwheel Asphalt will keep up with your need for speed. Speaking of range, the Mokwheel Asphalt boasts an estimated range of 40 miles per charge. This impressive distance ensures that you won't have to worry about running out of battery power halfway through your ride. And with the top-notch performance on city streets, you can confidently navigate the urban jungle without breaking a sweat. The Mokwheel brand itself is gaining recognition in the electric bike industry for its affordable and innovative designs. Their commitment to quality is evident in the well-constructed nature of the Mokwheel Asphalt, which utilizes name-brand components from leading brands like TEKTRO and SHIMANO. This ensures a smooth and reliable ride every time. Customer service is another area where Mokwheel excels. Numerous reviews highlight their outstanding warranty and great customer service, giving you peace of mind in case something goes wrong. You can ride with confidence knowing that Mokwheel has your back. As with any product, the Mokwheel Asphalt does have some areas where it could be improved. Some users have noted that they wished the bike was lighter, making it easier to maneuver and transport. Additionally, there have been comments about the pedal assistance system being perplexing, as it hits a set speed for each level without requiring much pedaling effort. Better classification for speed capabilities would also be helpful for potential buyers. Lastly, while the optional accessories for the Mokwheel Asphalt were praised as useful and unique, there was a suggestion to upgrade the bike's cassette for a wider gearing range. In conclusion, the Mokwheel Asphalt is a standout choice for urban commuters who value performance, range, and quality. Its well-built construction, good features, and impressive estimated range of 40 miles per charge make it a reliable and convenient mode of transportation. With Mokwheel's commitment to innovation and their outstanding warranty and customer service, you can trust that the Mokwheel Asphalt will exceed your expectations. So, if you're ready to revolutionize your daily commute, give the Mokwheel Asphalt a spin. You won't be disappointed.



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9 Reasons to Buy the Asphalt

  • Well-built and good features
  • Good performance on city streets
  • Estimated range of 40 miles per charge
  • Innovative and affordable designs
  • Outstanding warranty and great customer service
  • Tackles a variety of terrains
  • Uses name-brand components
  • Good range and ride quality
  • Useful and unique optional accessories

4 Reasons Not to Buy the Asphalt

  • Wish it was lighter
  • Perplexed by the pedal assistance system
  • Could use better classification for speed capabilities
  • Might need to upgrade cassette for wider gearing range

Bottom Line

The Asphalt micromobility vehicle is a well-built and feature-rich option that delivers excellent performance on city streets. With an estimated range of 40 miles per charge, it offers convenience and reliability for everyday commuting. Its innovative and affordable designs, backed by an outstanding warranty and exceptional customer service, make it a standout choice. Additionally, the Asphalt tackles a variety of terrains and utilizes name-brand components, ensuring a good range and ride quality. The availability of useful and unique optional accessories further adds to its appeal. While some may wish for a lighter weight, the overall package of the Asphalt makes it a top contender in the micromobility market.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Mokwheel Asphalt

What is the estimated range of the Mokwheel Asphalt on a single charge?

The Mokwheel Asphalt has an estimated range of 40 miles per charge.
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Does the Mokwheel Asphalt have any special technology for power output?

Yes, the Mokwheel Asphalt features a torque sensor which provides effective power output to help reach faster speeds and cover longer distances.

Is the Mokwheel Asphalt considered a heavy eBike?

The Mokwheel Asphalt weighs around 27 kilograms, and some users may wish it was lighter for better maneuverability and transport.

Are there any optional accessories available for the Mokwheel Asphalt?

Yes, the Asphalt offers useful and unique optional accessories to enhance the riding experience.

What is the top speed of the Mokwheel Asphalt eBike?

The top speed of the Asphalt is approximately 45 km/h.

Does the Mokwheel Asphalt come with a warranty?

Yes, Mokwheel is noted for providing an outstanding warranty and great customer service for their products.

What is the primary use case for the Mokwheel Asphalt eBike?

The Mokwheel Asphalt is tailored for urban commuting, specifically designed to navigate city streets and tackle a variety of terrains.

How many gears does the Mokwheel Asphalt have?

The Mokwheel Asphalt comes with 7 gears.

What type of brakes does the Mokwheel Asphalt eBike have?

The bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

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