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Here at Ride Review, we always strive to provide our readers with the most comprehensive and insightful reviews of micromobility vehicles. Recently, we came across the Montague Allston, a folding bike that really caught our attention. After pouring through countless reviews and digging deep into the specifications, we're excited to share our overview of this versatile hybrid bike with you. Picture this: you're commuting to work on a bustling city street, effortlessly zipping past traffic jams and enjoying a smooth ride. Suddenly, you spot a hidden trail that piques your curiosity. Without a moment's hesitation, you veer off the road and onto the dirt path, seamlessly transitioning from urban rider to off-road explorer. This is the experience that the Montague Allston delivers. One of the standout features of the Allston is its smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. Riders repeatedly praise the bike's ability to glide over various terrains, ensuring that every journey is a pleasant one. Whether you're navigating pothole-ridden city streets or tackling light off-road trails, the Allston handles it all with ease. One of the key selling points of the Allston is its foldability feature. This means that when you're done with your ride, you can easily fold it up and stow it away until your next adventure. This level of convenience is perfect for urban dwellers who may have limited storage space and want a bike that can easily be transported on public transportation or tucked away in a closet. In terms of performance, the Allston really shines. Equipped with a Gates carbon belt drive and a Shimano Alfine 11 internal gear hub, this bike offers high-level performance that riders can rely on. The virtually maintenance-free design means less time tinkering with the bike and more time enjoying the ride. Plus, the hydraulic disc brakes provide superb stopping power, ensuring your safety on the road. Now, let's address a couple of drawbacks. Some reviewers noted that the step-over model of the Allston may be harder to mount for older riders or individuals with mobility concerns. However, this is a minor consideration and may not be an issue for many riders. Additionally, while the Allston performs admirably on light off-road rides, it has somewhat limited capabilities for more rugged terrain. If you're a hardcore off-road enthusiast, you may want to consider a bike specifically designed for those types of adventures. In conclusion, the Montague Allston is a versatile hybrid bike that delivers a top-notch riding experience. Its smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride, paired with its foldability feature, make it a fantastic choice for urban dwellers and explorers alike. With its high-level performance and convenient design, the Allston truly stands out from the crowd. So, whether you're commuting to work or embarking on an off-road adventure, the Allston has got you covered.



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6 Reasons to Buy the Allston

  • Smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride
  • Versatile hybrid bike
  • Suitable for both urban use and light off-road rides
  • Foldability feature adds convenience as a transportable bike
  • High-level performance
  • Fast ride

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Allston

  • Step over model may be harder to mount for older riders
  • Somewhat limited off-road capabilities

Bottom Line

The Allston is a versatile and high-performance hybrid bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you're navigating city streets or venturing off-road, this bike is up for the task. With its foldability feature, it also provides added convenience as a transportable option. Overall, the Allston is a reliable and versatile choice for riders looking for a fast and enjoyable ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Allston

Is the Montague Allston suitable for off-road riding?

The Allston is suited for light off-road rides, but it may have limited capabilities on more rugged terrain.
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What type of brakes does the Allston have?

The Allston comes with hydraulic disc brakes, providing superb stopping power.

Can the Montague Allston bike be easily transported?

Yes, the Allston is a folding bike which allows for easy storage and transport, making it convenient for urban use and commuting.

What type of drive system does the Allston eBike use?

The Allston eBike uses a Gates carbon belt drive system.

What is the price of the Allston eBike?

The Allston eBike is priced at $2395.

What size are the wheels on the Allston bike?

The Allston bike has standard 700c wheels, equivalent to approximately 27.5 inches in diameter.

Does the Allston have gears, and if so, how many?

Yes, the Allston is equipped with a Shimano Alfine 11 internal gear hub, offering 11 gears.

Does the Allston have any built-in features for night riding?

Yes, the Allston comes with a headlight for improved visibility when riding at night.

What year was the Montague Allston released?

The Allston was released in the year 2016.

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