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Updated: November, 2023


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At Ride Review, we've taken the time to pour through multiple reviews of the NAMI Burn-E electric scooter to give you an overview of this innovative micromobility vehicle. The Burn-E has received high praise for its exceptional durability, impressive ride quality, and attractive design. It offers great value for money with its premium features and record-breaking performance. One of the standout features of the Burn-E is its adjustable suspension, which ensures a comfortable ride even on rough surfaces. The scooter also boasts a high resistance to water, making it suitable for riding in various weather conditions. Additionally, it has an impressive range and speed, catering to riders who need to cover long distances quickly. The NAMI Burn-E is particularly suited for larger riders, thanks to its big deck and large battery. It offers a unique riding experience that caters to riders of all sizes. However, some reviews have mentioned a shorter dead zone in the throttle and a desire for better-adjustable headlights. Overall, the Burn-E has been praised for its build quality and performance, with several enhancements from its previous model. These include improved stability with wider handlebars, reduced charging time, and better waterproofing. However, some users have reported a slight shaking at high speeds and the display getting scratched when folded. The NAMI Burn-E 2 scooter is highly recommended for both city and outdoor travel, offering a smooth ride and powerful performance. It comes with superior suspension and a range of premium features that make it a top choice for micromobility enthusiasts. While there are some minor setup process issues and concerns about the placement of the turn signal/horn/headlights module, the overall consensus is that the Burn-E is a top-tier electric scooter. In terms of specifications, the Burn-E features a tubular aluminum frame, a carbon steering column, and an IP55 water resistance certification. It has a smart dashboard with an IP65 certification, ensuring its functionality even in wet conditions. The scooter is equipped with powerful hydraulic brakes and an adjustable and hydraulic suspension system. The full carbon steering column adds to its durability, while the patented folding system promises convenience. Please note that the range and performance of the Burn-E may vary depending on the user's weight and driving conditions. The scooter is designed to handle various terrain and provide a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. In conclusion, the NAMI Burn-E electric scooter stands out with its exceptional durability, impressive ride quality, and attractive design. It offers great value for money, combining premium features with record-breaking performance. While there are some minor areas for improvement, the Burn-E is highly recommended for riders seeking a versatile and powerful micromobility vehicle.


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17 Reasons to Buy the Burn-E

  • Exceptional durability and build quality
  • Impressive ride quality
  • Attractive design
  • Value for money with premium features
  • Record-breaking performance
  • Adjustable suspension for a comfortable ride
  • High resistance to water
  • Impressive range and speed
  • Suitable for larger riders
  • Several enhancements from previous model
  • Improved stability with wider handlebars
  • Reduced charging time
  • Better waterproofing
  • Carbon fiber stem for added durability
  • Highly recommended for city and outdoor travel
  • Superior suspension for a smooth ride
  • Powerful performance

7 Reasons Not to Buy the Burn-E

  • Shorter dead zone in throttle
  • Better-adjustable headlights desired
  • Sealing issue with power port backside
  • Possibility of slight shaking at high speeds
  • Display getting scratched when folded
  • Minor setup process issues
  • Placement of turn signal/horn/headlights module

Bottom Line

The Burn-E is a top-tier micromobility vehicle that delivers exceptional durability, record-breaking performance, and impressive ride quality. With its attractive design, premium features, and value for money, it's a great option for both city and outdoor travel. The adjustable suspension, superior suspension system, and wider handlebars contribute to a comfortable and stable ride, while the high resistance to water and improved waterproofing ensure reliability in various conditions. Although there are some minor issues like a shorter dead zone in throttle and placement of certain components, the Burn-E's powerful performance, impressive range and speed, and suitability for larger riders make it highly recommended for those looking for a reliable and enjoyable micromobility solution.


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