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OKAI Neon ES20

Updated: November, 2023


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If there's one thing that sets the OKAI Neon ES20 apart from the crowd, it's the striking design. With its modern aesthetics and street attitude, this scooter is turning heads and inspiring others to hop on the e-scooter bandwagon. But the Neon is not just about looks—it's packed with features that make it a great choice for urban commuters. One standout feature of the Neon ES20 is its IPX5 water resistance rating, allowing it to be used in light rain without fear of damage. This is a valuable feature for those unexpected showers or damp weather conditions. Another impressive feature is the combination of disc and electronic brakes, which ensure precise and reliable stopping power. This is especially important for safety on busy streets or during sudden stops. The customizable display with three themes offers optimal visibility even in direct sunlight, making it easy to read your speed, battery level, and other important information at a glance. And with the NFC card reader, you can be confident that only you can activate the scooter, adding an extra layer of security against theft. The OKAI app takes the rider experience to the next level by allowing you to control the scooter with your phone. You can adjust the ride mode, lock or unlock the scooter, and even locate it if it goes missing. The app also offers additional functionality like ride history tracking, diagnostics, and customizing lights. However, it's worth noting that some users have reported lag issues on Android phones, so this is something to consider if you're an Android user. In terms of performance, the Neon ES20 handles well, with an air-filled front tire for smoother maneuverability and the ability to tackle hills of up to 20% gradient without difficulty. The rear suspension system further enhances the ride quality by eliminating shimmy and vibration from the solid rear tire. While the Neon ES20 has received praise for its overall comfort and stylish design, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The folding mechanism requires a security strap, which could be an inconvenience for some users. The front-facing light is also not ideal for safe nighttime cruising, so additional lighting may be necessary. Additionally, the app will keep running in the background unless manually closed, which may affect battery life. Overall, the OKAI Neon ES20 is a solid choice for riders who want a sleek and feature-packed electric scooter without breaking the bank. Its water resistance, reliable braking, customizable display, and smartphone integration make it a great option for urban commuting. Just be aware of the potential Android app lag and some shortcomings in low light situations.



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10 Reasons to Buy the Neon Okai ES20

  • The IPX5 water resistance rating means that it can be used in light rain for a while without fear of damaging the internal components.
  • The ES20 has a disc and electronic brakes to keep you from skidding and swerving.
  • The display can be customized with three themes and has optimal visibility in direct sunlight for a smooth ride.
  • An NFC card reader ensures your scooter can only be activated with the key.
  • The OKAI app can pair the scooter to your phone. The smartphone integration makes it impossible for someone to steal your e-scooter as only you can operate it.
  • The smart app allows you to control the scooter with your phone, so you can adjust the ride mode/braking, lock or unlock the scooter, and locate it. You can also use it to check your ride history, run diagnostics, customize lights, and monitor your current ride.
  • The air-filled front tire allows for better maneuverability and easier riding across rough terrain.
  • A one-click folding system makes it easy to transport and store.
  • The scooter's rear suspension system eliminates shimmy and vibration from the solid rear tire.
  • It can handle hills of up to 20% gradient without any difficulty.

6 Reasons Not to Buy the Neon OKAI ES20

  • The folding mechanism doesn't work without a security strap.
  • The app may lag on Android phones.
  • You can't switch off deck and stem lights without the app.
  • The front-facing light is not great for safe nighttime cruising.
  • It's not ideal for heavier riders.
  • The app will keep running in the background if you don't manually close it after riding.

Bottom Line

The Neon Okai ES20 will leave you impressed with its stunning display design, three-speed modes, and well-thought-out functionality. This powerful electric scooter can withstand adverse moisture conditions and deliver a smooth ride. It may not be the most exciting or groundbreaking e-scooter on the market, but it could be just what the everyday rider needs to have a safe and fun time on the streets.


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