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At Ride Review, we strive to find the perfect products for all riders, regardless of age or experience level. In our search for the best bike locks, we came across the OnGuard Terrier lock from the LOCKS brand. However, after carefully reviewing multiple sources and considering user experiences, we have some reservations about this particular lock. The OnGuard Terrier lock is marketed as a small combo cable lock that is perfect for securing personal items like helmets, skis, snowboards, and leathers. Its small size makes it convenient to carry in a jersey pocket or small bag, giving riders peace of mind during quick stops. Unfortunately, several reviews have pointed out two significant drawbacks of the Terrier lock. First, it is considered overpriced compared to other locks on the market. While we understand the appeal of a compact and lightweight lock, it appears that the price does not match up with its level of security. This leads us to the second issue, which is that the Terrier lock is not deemed secure enough for expensive bikes. This means that riders with high-value bicycles may want to consider alternative lock options to ensure the utmost security. Furthermore, it's important to note that the Terrier lock seems to be more suited for children's bikes rather than adult bicycles. Its small size and limited security features make it a better fit for younger riders who may need a lock for their bikes without requiring the same level of protection for higher-end models. While the Terrier lock does come with some positive features such as glove-friendly raised dials and vinyl-coated cables to protect paint and finishes, we recommend potential buyers to carefully consider their specific needs and budget before investing in this lock. There are other options available on the market that offer better security at a more reasonable price. In conclusion, while the OnGuard Terrier lock may be suitable for securing personal items and children's bikes, it falls short when it comes to protecting expensive bicycles. We at Ride Review believe in the importance of finding the right lock for your specific needs, and we encourage riders to explore other options that offer better security and value for their investment.

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4 Reasons to Buy the Terrier

  • User settable combinations
  • Easy to see numbers
  • Glove-friendly raised dials
  • Vinyl-coated cables protect paint and finishes

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Terrier

  • The lock is overpriced.
  • The lock is not secure enough for expensive bikes.

Bottom Line

While the OnGuard Terrier lock may not be suitable for expensive bikes, it is a reliable and affordable option for securing children's bikes. Its sturdy construction and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking peace of mind while their little ones ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Terrier

Is the Terrier lock suitable for high-end bicycles?

No, the Terrier lock is not secure enough for expensive bikes and is more suited to children's bikes or less valuable items.
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Are the numbers on the Terrier lock easy to read?

Yes, the Terrier lock features easy to see numbers and glove-friendly raised dials.

What have some reviewers said about the Terrier lock's pricing and security?

Some reviewers have mentioned that the Terrier lock is considered overpriced for the level of security it provides.

How does the user set the combination on the Terrier lock?

The Terrier lock features user settable combinations for personalized security.

Does the Terrier lock protect the paint and finishes on the bike?

Yes, the Terrier lock has vinyl-coated cables which help to protect paint and finishes.

How much does the Terrier lock cost?

The Terrier lock is priced at 16 USD.

Is the Terrier lock easy to carry around?

Yes, its small size makes it convenient to carry in a jersey pocket or small bag.

Can the Terrier lock be used by children?

Yes, the Terrier lock’s small size and user-friendly features make it suitable for use with children’s bikes.

What type of items is the Terrier lock best used for?

The Terrier lock is best for securing helmets, skis, snowboards, leathers, or other personal items that don’t require maximum security.

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