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The Pedego Tandem Electric Bike is a purpose-built eBike for two riders that offers a sturdy and innovative classic design. With its reliable drive system featuring six speeds, this bike is built for both leisurely and practical rides. One of the standout features of the Tandem is its large balloon tires, which provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The platform pedals and wide, soft saddles further enhance the comfort factor. The Tandem also boasts a removable battery pack with an integrated LED rear light, adding convenience and safety to your rides. The battery is lightweight and offers industry-leading range, ensuring that you can go farther and faster without worrying about running out of power. While the Tandem has many great features, it does have a few drawbacks that are worth considering. Firstly, it is heavier than most electric bikes, which may be a concern for some riders. Additionally, it lacks a speed indicator, which could be a useful feature for those who want to keep track of their speed. Lastly, it does not have a pedal assist mode, which can be a drawback for riders who prefer some assistance when pedaling. Despite its drawbacks, the Pedego Tandem Electric Bike is a reliable and comfortable choice for riders who want to enjoy the benefits of an eBike for two. Its classic design and innovative features make it a popular choice among riders.



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6 Reasons to Buy the Tandem

  • Sturdy and innovative classic design
  • Reliable drive system with six speeds
  • Large balloon tires
  • Platform pedals
  • Wide and soft saddles
  • Removable battery pack with integrated LED rear light

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Tandem

  • Heavier than most electric bikes
  • Lack of speed indicator
  • No pedal assist mode

Bottom Line

The Tandem is a sturdy and reliable micromobility vehicle that offers a classic design and innovative features. With its six-speed drive system, large balloon tires, and wide and soft saddles, it provides a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. The removable battery pack with integrated LED rear light adds convenience and safety. While it may be heavier than most electric bikes and lacks a speed indicator and pedal assist mode, the Tandem's overall durability and performance make it a great option for those seeking a reliable micromobility solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Tandem

Is there a pedal assist mode available on the Tandem eBike?

The Tandem eBike does not have a pedal assist mode; it operates with a throttle and gear system.
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What is the price of the Tandem eBike?

The Tandem eBike is priced at $3295.

Can the battery be removed from the Tandem eBike?

Yes, the Tandem eBike has a removable battery pack, which also features an integrated LED rear light for safety.

What type of brakes does the Tandem eBike have?

The Tandem eBike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power.

What are some of the features that enhance the comfort of the Tandem eBike?

The Tandem eBike features large balloon tires, wide, soft saddles, and cruiser frame geometry for an upright and comfortable riding position.

Does the Tandem eBike come with a warranty?

Yes, the Tandem eBike is backed by an exclusive five-year warranty.

Does the Tandem eBike have a speedometer?

No, the Tandem eBike lacks a speed indicator to track your speed.

What is the range of the Tandem eBike on a single battery charge?

The Tandem eBike offers an industry-leading range of up to 122.31 kilometers (76 miles) on a single battery charge.

What type of product is the Tandem?

The Tandem is an eBike designed for two riders, categorized under the Vehicle product category.

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