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Roadrunner RS5

Updated: September, 2023


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Introducing the Roadrunner RS5, an electric scooter that is making waves in the micro-mobility arena. With its impressive features and solid performance, this scooter is quickly gaining popularity among riders of all ages. One standout feature of the Roadrunner RS5 is its tubeless tires, which ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. No more worrying about flat tires or punctures - these tires offer an extra layer of durability and reliability. This feature alone has won over the hearts of many riders, as it provides peace of mind and reduces maintenance hassles. Another highlight of the Roadrunner RS5 is its large display. This display is designed to be visible in all conditions, so you don't have to strain your eyes to read the important information while riding. Whether it's a bright sunny day or a dark night, you can easily keep track of your speed, battery life, and other key metrics. The Roadrunner RS5 also boasts an easy-open deck lid, which makes accessing the storage space a breeze. No more struggling with tight lids or compartments - just a simple and convenient way to store your belongings while on the go. One of the key safety features of the Roadrunner RS5 is its NUTT hydraulic brakes. These brakes provide reliable and responsive stopping power, ensuring that you can ride with confidence and peace of mind. Safety is a top priority with this scooter, and the hydraulic brakes are just one example of the manufacturer's commitment to rider safety. The Roadrunner RS5 comes with a standard one-year warranty, and for those who want extra protection, an extended warranty can be purchased. This shows that the manufacturer stands behind their product and is confident in its quality and longevity. For added convenience, the Roadrunner RS5 features a removable battery. This means that you can park the scooter in your garage or a secure location and simply bring the battery indoors to charge. No need to worry about finding a power outlet near your scooter - just detach the battery and charge it wherever it's convenient for you. When it comes to riding experience, the Roadrunner RS5 has you covered. Its stem folding mechanism ensures a safer and more secure riding experience, providing stability and reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, the adjustable hydraulic spring suspension allows you to customize your ride for maximum comfort and control. One of the standout features of the Roadrunner RS5 is its thumb throttle. This intuitive and ergonomic design allows for easy acceleration and control, making it a joy to ride. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with special features like blinkers, a horn, and cruise control, adding extra functionality and convenience to your ride. While the Roadrunner RS5 has many impressive features, it's worth noting that it does have a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, it is on the heavier side, weighing in at 89 lbs. This may make it a bit cumbersome for some riders to carry or transport. Secondly, the front light is not as powerful as some riders may prefer, as it doesn't project a beam very far. However, these minor shortcomings are overshadowed by the overall quality and performance of this scooter. In summary, the Roadrunner RS5 is a top contender in the electric scooter market. Its tubeless tires, large display, and easy-open deck lid make it a practical and reliable choice for riders of all levels. With its NUTT hydraulic brakes, removable battery, and adjustable hydraulic spring suspension, it prioritizes safety and comfort. Added features like the thumb throttle, blinkers, horn, and cruise control elevate the riding experience to new heights. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, the Roadrunner RS5 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a high-performance electric scooter.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Roadrunner RS5

  • Tubeless tires ensure a smooth ride
  • Large display that is visible in all conditions
  • Easy-open deck lid
  • NUTT hydraulic brakes
  • Comes with a standard one-year warranty, an extended warranty can be purchased
  • Removable battery
  • The stem folding mechanism ensures a safer and more secure riding experience
  • Adjustable hydraulic spring suspension
  • Thumb throttle
  • It has special features like blinkers, a horn, and cruise control

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Roadrunner RS5

  • The 89 lbs. makes it a heavy vehicle to carry.
  • The front light is a bit feeble and does not project a beam very far.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a fast, comfortable scooter with a good build and adequate range that delivers smooth rides, the roadrunner RS5 is just what you need. This electric scooter has a sporty design and is the best option in its price range.


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