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At Ride Review, we have scoured the web to bring you an overview of the Urban Arrow Shorty Electric Cargo Bike. This compact and highly maneuverable eBike packs a punch and is perfect for those looking for a small solution with great impact. One standout feature of the Shorty is its stability and decent turning radius, as highlighted in various video reviews. This makes for a confident and smooth ride, even in tight spaces. And with a maximum weight capacity of 250kg (550lb), it can easily accommodate both rider and cargo, making it a practical choice for families or those looking to carry heavy loads. Priced competitively at $7,000, the Shorty offers a robust design that caters to family needs. It has a strong focus on safety and functionality, with key features that ensure a comfortable and secure ride. It dispatches smoothly from a dead stop and handles well even under heavy load. The Shorty is powered by a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor system, which provides impressive power and the ability to handle steep inclines. This is especially important for those living in hilly areas or needing an extra boost while carrying heavy loads. The included Bosch Purion LCD display adds an extra level of convenience and control. One of the standout features of the Urban Arrow Shorty is its modular system, allowing for customization to fit personal or business needs. It can accommodate a variety of accessories, such as a lockable hood that transforms it into the ultimate courier bike. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for those looking for an electric cargo bike that can adapt to their specific requirements. The Shorty offers comfort and capacity, with the ability to hold up to three children or a large load of groceries. Despite its wide build and upright posture, it maintains impressive maneuverability and control, even when fully loaded. It truly excels as a replacement for a family car, allowing for easy transportation of both people and cargo. While the price point of the Shorty may be higher than some other brands, the numerous advantages it offers set it apart. With its stable and maneuverable design, high weight capacity, powerful Bosch motor system, and modular customization options, the Shorty proves its value for urban environments and those in need of a reliable and versatile electric cargo bike. Overall, the Urban Arrow Shorty Electric Cargo Bike has received praise for its stability, turning radius, robust design, and ability to handle heavy loads. It offers excellent control, convenience, and comfort for riders of all kinds, whether they're navigating the neighborhood, transporting cargo, enjoying family outings, or simply riding for leisure.


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13 Reasons to Buy the Shorty

  • The bike feels stable and has a decent turning radius
  • It has a high weight capacity for both rider and cargo
  • It is priced competitively with similar bikes
  • It has a robust design, accommodating family needs
  • It offers a smooth dispatch from a dead stop
  • It adjusts well under heavy load
  • It has a large load capacity
  • It has an excellent Bosch Purion LCD display
  • It impresses with its power and ability to handle steep inclines
  • It has a modular system that can be customized for personal or business use
  • It offers comfort and capacity to hold up to three children or a large load of groceries
  • It has easy maneuverability and impressive control, even when fully loaded
  • It is recommended as an effective replacement for a family car

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Shorty

  • The price point is higher than many other brands
  • Large cargo bay may be too big or unnecessary for some

Bottom Line

The Shorty is a powerful and versatile micromobility vehicle that offers incredible stability and impressive carrying capacity. With its robust design and ability to handle steep inclines, it is perfect for both personal and business use. While it may have a higher price point, the Shorty's ability to replace a family car makes it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable and spacious option.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Shorty

What are some key features of the Urban Arrow Shorty?

Some key features include a stable ride with a decent turning radius, high weight capacity, smooth dispatch from a dead stop, ability to handle heavy loads, Bosch Purion LCD display, and a modular system for personal or business customization.
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How much does the Urban Arrow Shorty cost?

The Urban Arrow Shorty is priced at $5,000.

What type of battery and motor does the Shorty have?

The Shorty is powered by a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor system. The type of battery has not been specified, but it is noted as being removable.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Urban Arrow Shorty?

The maximum weight capacity of the Urban Arrow Shorty is 250kg (550lb).

Does the Shorty come with any pre-installed features?

Yes, the Shorty comes with several features including a Headlight, Fenders, Throttle, Kickstand, Rear Rack, and Pedal Assist.

How would you describe the Urban Arrow Shorty eBike?

The Urban Arrow Shorty is a compact, electric cargo bike that's highly maneuverable and flexible, suitable for carrying dogs, gear, and even up to three children with ease. It features a modular system for customization, a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor, and is seen as an ideal alternative to a family car.

What is the name of the bike and the company that manufactures it?

The name of the bike is 'Shorty' and it is manufactured by 'Urban Arrow'.

What is the range and top speed of the Shorty?

The maximum range of the Shorty is approximately 50km, and it has a top speed of 25km/h.

What is the category and type of the product?

The product category is 'Vehicle' and the product type is 'eBike'.

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