Bianchi is a historic bike manufacturer founded in Milan, Italy, in 1885. Throughout their history, they have been the innovators and pioneers that always managed to reinvent biking across the world.  Their bikes are a statement of effortless Italian cool fused with rider convenience and ride quality. Classic Italian craftsmanship, along with unique designs, makes this bike a prestige symbol.  Bianchi is what defines class when it comes to bicycles due to their heritage of producing bicycles for more than a century. Bianchi is the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturing company and one to easily trust. Today, they are on a course of reinvention again, with a range of unique eBikes that cater to all possible rider types and use cases. They have recently come up with numerous designs, each catering to a different cause and rider.  Be it terrain biking, road biking, bikes for racing, etc. Bianchi has every rider covered. Bianchi has made its mission to provide innovative bicycles to help people move around in modern, fashionable, and convenient packaging.
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Bianchi eBike MTB


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