Cero's mission is to "empower everyday life with electric utility bikes" by designing the highest-quality compact frames that support and improve living in the busiest places on Earth. By allowing people to achieve their routine daily tasks safely and efficiently, Cero hopes to reduce the need for gas-powered vehicles and help to make cities around the world better and less polluted places to live. Cero was founded in 2015 by Japanese engineer Kiyoshi Iwai. By partnering with other engineering and design professionals, Iwai created the first ever Cero prototype bikes. By 2017 early prototype testing was underway and the first production bikes were delivered to customers by the end of that year making Cero one of the earlier pioneers in the ebike arena. In 2018 the Cero One was named the Editor's Pick at _Bicycling Magazine. _The company continues to innovate and grow, most recently launching its European division under the name LODEN.
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Cero One


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