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Introducing the Cero One, the lightweight aluminum cargo bike that combines versatility, reliability, and affordability into one impressive package. At Ride Review, we've scoured the internet to find the most comprehensive reviews of the Cero One to bring you this overview. The Cero One is a true urban explorer. With its 300-pound hauling capacity (including the rider), it's ready to take on all your cargo-carrying needs. Whether you're transporting groceries, running errands, or even embarking on a weekend adventure, this bike has got you covered. One standout feature of the Cero One is its 26-inch rear wheel, providing unparalleled stability and control. This makes it a breeze to navigate through busy city streets or over uneven terrain. And with its compact cargo bike design, it's easy to find a convenient parking spot at any bike rack. But the Cero One is not just practical—it's also built for performance. Its single battery setup offers an impressive 105 miles of range, ensuring that you can go the distance without worrying about running out of power. And with modular cargo system options, you have the freedom to customize your bike with extra storage for all your belongings. One of the key highlights of the Cero One is its reliable, low-maintenance design. With a zero-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive Belt, you can say goodbye to greasy chains and time-consuming maintenance tasks. The bike also meets international safety standards, giving you peace of mind as you ride. While the Cero One has received glowing reviews, there are a few aspects to consider. Some reviewers mentioned that the 5-speed transmission can feel clunky compared to the more commonly available 10-speed options. Additionally, the older 250-watt mid-drive motor may result in decreased speed when the bike is loaded with cargo. Overall, the Cero One is a top-notch cargo bike that offers excellent value for its price. We at Ride Review are confident that it will make your everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. So why wait? Step up your cargo-carrying game with the Cero One and start exploring your city with ease.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Cero One

  • Made of lightweight aluminum without sacrificing total hauling capacity (up to 300 lbs including the rider).
  • It has a 26-inch rear wheel for stability.
  • It is a multi-purpose urban explorer bike that can serve multiple needs.
  • It is more affordable than other cargo bikes.
  • It has a single battery setup that offers 105 miles of range.
  • Modular design cargo system options allow customization for extra storage.
  • It is designed to be a reliable, low-maintenance bike.
  • The bike meets international safety standards.
  • Its compact cargo bike design makes it easy to park in bike racks.
  • Zero-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive Belt.

10 Reasons Not to Buy the Cero One

  • 5-speed transmission seems clunky compared with readily available 10-speed options
  • Having no continuously variable transmission reduces the bike's handling and performance when loaded with cargo.
  • Older 250-watt mid-drive motor means speed is likely to suffer under loads.

Bottom Line

The Cero One delivers the perfect balance between leisure riding and cargo biking. Regardless of if you're looking for a nimble size commuter bike or a sturdy cargo bike, the Cero One will deliver. At a far more affordable price point than other cargo bikes, this is a great entry into the electronic cargo bike market and offers a bit more flexibility in its use.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Cero One

Is the Cero One easy to park in urban areas?

Yes, its compact cargo bike design makes it easy to find a convenient parking spot at bike racks.
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What is the range of the Cero One on a single battery charge?

The single battery setup of the Cero One offers a range of up to 105 miles.

Does the Cero One require a lot of maintenance?

No, it is designed to be reliable and low-maintenance, featuring a zero-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive Belt.

What kind of transmission does the Cero One have?

The Cero One has a 5-speed transmission.

What is the Cero One designed for?

The Cero One was designed as a lightweight cargo bike to fulfill the needs of the modern city dweller, suitable for daily commuting or leisure riding.

How much cargo can the Cero One carry?

The Cero One has a 300-pound hauling capacity, which includes the weight of the rider.

What kind of motor system does the Cero One use?

It uses a Shimano E6100 motor system that can boost pedaling up to 20 mph and runs silently.

Does the Cero One meet safety standards?

The bike meets international safety standards, providing additional peace of mind when riding.

What are the main reasons I might not want to buy the Cero One?

You might reconsider if you prefer a bike with a continuously variable transmission for better handling when loaded with cargo, or if you need a bike with less impact on speed under heavy loads, as the older 250-watt mid-drive motor may decrease speed with cargo.

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