Kugoo Kirin

Founded in 2015, Kugoo designs scooters that assist millions of people in commuting in a new way. The company’s first-ever bestselling Cool Green electric scooter was released in response to the challenge posed by the rising number of vehicles releasing harmful substances that hurt the environment. Kugoo is expanding quickly owing to its efforts and client confidence. Kirin was developed concurrently with Kugoo for different markets to build a solid market segmentation, better serve clients, and generate quality products. The mainstay of Kirin’s initial market research is the intelligent e-scooter series, with some smart items gradually being removed from Kugoo. Both e-scooters for younger riders and models that appeal to more passionate e-scooter riders can be found in the Kugoo product line. The highly skilled engineering staff in the company continually creates new technologies and incorporates special features to enhance the riding experience.
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Kugoo Kirin

Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro


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