Great Electric Bikes for Commuting: 5 Options for 2023

If you want an eco-friendly yet quick commuting option, you must get one of the best electric bikes for commuting. Read this guide to see the top 5 options!

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What Is an Electric Commuter Bicycle?
How We Ranked and Reviewed Electric Commuter Bicycles
Top 5 Best Electric Bikes for Commuting: Reviews
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Today, driving a car to get to work or school is not the best option – you can get stuck in traffic, causing you to be late, spend hours looking for a parking spot, and even spend money on parking. 

A great way to avoid all that hassle is to get one of the best electric bikes for commuting. Learn more about these commuter eBikes and the top options to consider in this guide.  

What Is an Electric Commuter Bicycle?

An electric commuter bicycle comes with all the needed features of a commuter bike plus a powerful motor and battery. The key feature of this type of bike is its comfort and speed, and our top selection offers a comfortable ride while also allowing you to get around quickly. Electric commuter bikes are the most eco-friendly alternative to cars, so we recommend them to everyone who commutes.

How We Ranked and Reviewed Electric Commuter Bicycles

To select the best electric bikes for commuting, we researched and tested several great options. We focused on the best bikes featuring an extended range, long battery life, comfortable tires, and overall ergonomic design. The other considerations were put in second place, as the idea was to select only the best bike that people could use for daily commutes.

Top 5 Best Electric Bikes for Commuting: Reviews

Instead of going to the bike shop to check out the best eBikes, here is a quick overview of the top five options:

The Evelo Omega is one of the more expensive commuter eBikes you’ll come across, but the price is completely justified if you look at its long list of features. We were impressed by the automatic shifting system that allows you to ride effortlessly, and the grippy tires have a puncture-resistant exterior, which makes them suitable even for rugged terrain.


  • The bike is equipped with high-quality hydraulic disc brakes

  • There is noiseless operation thanks to the carbon belt drive

  • Extra comfy and grippy tires for added comfort while riding


  • There is only one frame size available

  • There is no USB charging port on the bike

There is nothing better than a comfortable commute, which is possible with this bike thanks to the comfortable tires and extra-padded saddle. It would have been even better if the company offered several frame sizes, but at least this one fits people of various heights.

The Steeron C30 has a unique design as it’s not quite an electric bike but also not an electric scooter – it’s somewhere in between, which makes it suitable for people looking for a scooter/bicycle they can easily ride around town. The handlebars and wheels are foldable, adding to the compactness of this amazing design.


  • Hub drive motor with 1000W peak output.

  • Front and rear lights add to the bike's visibility.

  • You can purchase an additional removable battery to improve the range.


  • Not the best for riding on steep inclines

  • It is not fully recommended for beginner bikers as it takes some getting used to.

Even though this is an innovative and versatile design, it could be challenging to master, especially for beginner riders. The learning curve is something to consider when deciding whether to get it.

The Revv1 is a hybrid road bike and bicycle. The design is unique, but this bulky, heavy bike is unsuitable for smaller riders. It has a max range of 60 miles and a top speed of 37 mph. It can carry riders up to 350 lbs and features a single gear and cadence sensor that provide an enjoyable ride. 

If your commute includes a hill, this electric bike features a walk-mode feature that makes it easier to maneuver the bike uphill when you’re not riding it. There’s also an optional storage unit for carrying your belongings and although it’s a smaller bike, it can be used in bike lanes, which means more flexibility for your route. 


  • Five levels of pedal assist and walk mode

  • Cadence sensor for easier maneuvering

  • The top speed is 37 mph, making this bike faster than the competition


  • At 93 pounds, this is one of the heavier electric bikes

  • Quite bulky and difficult to store or transport

What we love about this bike is its speed and the extended range of 60 miles. You can pedal or glide through the miles using one of the five levels of pedal assist. It offers a smooth ride on all kinds of terrain.

As one of the more budget-friendly bikes, the Aventon Pace has many great features that make it a good investment opportunity. It comes with hydraulic disc brakes, a range of 60 miles, and an overall speed of 28 mph. It also offers a stable ride since the tires are quite large and not prone to wobbling. 


  • Five levels of pedal assistance

  • Integrated turn signals for added visibility

  • An impressive range of 60 miles on a single charge


  • There are no fenders included in the price

  • There is no space to add a front or rear rack

There are two versions of the Pace – the 500.3 and the 350.3. Both come at similar prices, but the 500.3 has a better, more powerful motor. Still, you have the option to choose the one you like best. 

The Aventon Level might look like a traditional bike, but it is much more than that. The battery is integrated into the frame, allowing the bike to have a clean design. A hub-drive motor with 500W peak output can help you ride up to 28 mph, which means you can get from point A to point B faster than expected!


  • Hydraulic brakes allow quick stopping whenever you need

  • Eight gears and five pedal assistance levels are included

  • Durable and ergonomic design on the handlebars


  • The tires are not entirely suitable for off-roading

  • The handlebar stem is not adjustable, meaning the bike might not be suitable for all riders

We love that the bike has a rear rack and fenders included in the price. You can add up to 250 pounds on the bike, making it suitable even for trips to your local grocery store.


Commuter electric bikes are the perfect option to get around town without using a car, getting stuck in traffic, or polluting the air. If you want to get the best electric bikes for commuting, remember that the Evelo Omega Commuter eBike is one of the best options. If you cannot afford that one, check out the Aventon Pace Commuter eBike, a more budget-friendly option. 

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