The Best Lock for Scooters in 2023: Keep Your Ride Safe and Secure

Worried about your scooter being stolen? Here's the best lock for scooters to keep your ride safe and secure.

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What Are the Best Ways to Lock An Electric Scooter?
What's the Best Lock for Scooters? Here Are Our Top 5 Choices
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It's a beautiful day and you're out for a ride on your scooter. You stop at the store to pick up a few things, and when you return, you find that your scooter has been stolen! This scenario is all too common, but with the right lock, it can be prevented.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of locks available and help you decide which one is right for you. We'll also provide a few tips on how to keep your scooter safe and secure! Let's dive in and find the best lock for scooters that you can buy today.

What Are the Best Ways to Lock An Electric Scooter?

Locking an electric scooter is an important step in keeping your property safe. There are several different ways to lock up an electric scooter:

Cable Locks

Cable locks for electric scooters are a great way to protect your ride from theft and other malicious activities. Not only are they more inexpensive than the standard chain-based bike lock, but cable locks have the added advantage of being lightweight, making them less of a burden to take along with you on your scooter journey.


Unlike regular locks, U-locks offer an extra measure of protection because they use thicker metal that's harder to cut, making it much more difficult for thieves to take advantage. Ideal for trips in crowded city streets or along busy mountain bike trails, U-locks are light enough not to be a nuisance and strong enough to keep you feeling safe.

Chain Locks

Chain locks, once reserved only for cyclists, are an essential item for electric scooter riders these days. These devices can easily be attached to an available bike rack or post so that your scooter is safely in place.


Alarms for electric scooters, usually powered by built-in batteries, act as an additional layer of protection to alert users when their vehicle has been touched or removed without authorization.

Whether you’re living in a dormitory or have left your scooter unattended in a public place, any attempt to steal it will trigger the alarm and notify nearby people of the unauthorized activity.


Can you lock two scooters with the Kryptonite U-lock?

No, you won't be able to lock two scooters with a single Kryptonite U-lock. But that's actually the point of this type of product - they're designed to be compact and easy to carry without sacrificing security. After all, you don't want your lock to be too big - it defeats the purpose!

Can the Seatylock Viking chain lock be picked open?

Not only is it made with top-quality materials and advanced technology, but the Seatylock Viking lock has also been rigorously tested to ensure it can’t be picked open. Whether you have an expensive bike or a modest one, using the Seatylock Viking chain guarantees peace of mind knowing your wheels won't be gone tomorrow.

How much should you spend on a scooter lock?

Spending 10% of the worth of your scooter on a lock is always a smart call. It makes sense to invest that much towards protecting something you've worked hard to purchase, and it's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your ride.

What's the Best Lock for Scooters? Here Are Our Top 5 Choices

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bike U-Lock is the gold standard when it comes to bike security. It's made from the highest quality steel and provides cyclists with maximum protection against theft. What's more, it comes from the very reputable Kryptonite firm - its name itself stands for a 'super strength' in the lock industry.

With an 18mm shackle offering maximum security, this lock is as reliable as they come. Plus, with 3x keys included in the package, losing your only key won't be a problem – there’ll always be one on hand when you need it.

This incredibly durable lock features a double-locking mechanism and an oversized double-locking latch to make it virtually impossible to be tampered with. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit also features extra resistance against bolt cutters and other leverage attacks.

Things we like:

  • Sturdy 18 mm shackle

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Dust cover that protects the keyhole

  • Compact and portable

Things we don't like:

  • Doesn't come with a frame mount‍

With the Seatylock Mason Bike U Lock, your bike will always be safe and secure. This state-of-the-art lock is compact and easy to use, yet robust enough to keep your scooter unharmed from potential thieves.

And not to mention it's also portable - you can take it with you wherever you go with peace of mind that your scooter will still be around when you come back.

This tough lock keeps your ride secured with its double-locking shackle that resists bolt cutters and other forms of theft, as well as drilling and freezing. Its weather-resistant exterior makes it the perfect choice for keeping your bike safe in all seasons, no matter where you're riding.

Its innovative design offers a quieter locking and unlocking experience than other locks, along with no loud clunking or rattling when being used, making it the perfect option for those who live in urban areas. The key is oversized, making it easy to hold and use without the worry of struggling with a small key.

Things we like:

  • Double-bolted locking mechanism

  • Automatic keyhole cover

  • Compact and easy to use

  • Sturdy shackle

Things we don't like:

  • Not bolt cutter proof‍

If you’re searching for security and assurance while protecting your scooter, the Seatylock Viking Chain Lock provides both in one product. This chain has been graced with the highly-regarded Sold Secure Gold Certification, so you know your scooter is safe and secure with this lock.

What's more, its lighter weight compared to some chain locks makes it convenient to carry around.

Featuring a heavy-duty deadbolt locking system, it can be used in high-risk areas with confidence. It also offers an affordable price for its superior security, making it a great value purchase that can provide peace of mind.

This chain lock features an automatic keyhole cover that protects the locking mechanism, meaning that it can be left outside without fear of damage or tampering. It's also extremely easy to use - simply attach it to your scooter frame and you're all set!

Things we like:

  • Sold Secure Gold Certification

  • Automatic keyhole cover

  • Affordable and easy to use

  • Compact and lightweight

Things we don't like:

  • Not completely bolt cutter proof‍

With a combination of high-end performance and proven reliability, the SIGTUNA Bike Lock is the perfect choice for protecting your scooter. Created by a trusted security brand, this lock is built to secure your vehicle while out of sight. In addition to its high-quality design, the locks come with three extra keys, giving you even more assurance.

The new SIGTUNA scooter lock offers the best of both worlds: quality and affordability. Its double deadbolt locking mechanism will keep your prized possessions safe and secure all while remaining highly affordable compared to other models. In addition, its steel-coated cylinder prevents it from scratching any surface as you pull and lock it.

Featuring a generous 4-foot steel-reinforced cable, it's easy to lock your scooter to a fence or other firmly rooted object. Yet despite its robust protection, the lock is surprisingly compact, making it easy to store and transport when not in use.

Combining premium security with convenient portability, the SIGTUNA Lock is an ideal choice for scooter owners looking for reliable protection.

Things we like:

  • Affordable and compact scooter lock

  • Double deadbolt locking mechanism

  • Three extra keys

  • Coated cylinder that prevents scratches

Things we don't like:

  • Duplicate keys can't be made‍

The Altor SAF Lock for scooters is a revolutionary new way of protecting your scooter from theft. It uses an extremely hard, specially treated lock designed to resist angle grinder attacks. This innovative lock provides scooter owners peace of mind in knowing their ride will stay safe, no matter how determined an attacker may be.

Featuring a double-locking crossbar and thick metal construction, this lock is designed to be virtually impossible to break or cut through. As an added bonus, it's also large enough to ward away even the most determined would-be thief.

The cushion coating on the lock prevents any damage to the bike's finish caused by scratches or dents when applying pressure during locking and unlocking. It also comes with four highly secure disc detainer keys.

Things we like:

  • Angle-grinder resistant

  • Wrapped in an aluminum shell

  • Double-locking crossbar

Things we don't like:

  • One of the most expensive locks on the market

Final Thoughts

With bike and scooter theft being all too common nowadays, it’s only natural to want to protect your beloved scooter. And when it comes to the best lock for scooters in 2023 - well, you have a lot of options! The most formidable of them all is definitely the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bike U-Lock: top-of-the-line and as trusty as they come!

The Seatylock Mason Bike U Lock and Seatylock Viking Chain lock from the same reputable brand have stuck around due to their reliability. For budget shoppers, there's the SIGTUNA Bike Lock, which offers decent protection at a steal of a price. If you're seeking an ultimate security solution, there's no beating the Altor SAF Angle-grinder resistant lock.

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