The Most Affordable Kid Helmets Without MIPS

It's always important to keep your kids safe while riding a bike. Check out our comprehensive buying guide for some of our top picks for best kid helmets.

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What is MIPS?
Why Should You Get a Helmet for Your Kid?
How to Choose the Right Size Helmet for Your Kid
Best Kid Helmets - FAQ
What are the best helmets for kids?
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When it comes to keeping your children safe while they're riding their bikes, skateboards, or scooters, having a good helmet is essential. But with so many different helmets available, it can be challenging to know which one is best for your child.

To help you make an informed decision, we put together a comprehensive buying guide for the best kid helmets on the market. In this guide, we review the features, safety levels, and overall value of each helmet to help you make the best decision for your child's safety. It is important to note all these helmets don't come with MIPS, we will have a seperate review for those helmets which tend to be pricier.

What is MIPS?

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a helmet technology that protects against rotational forces during impact. MIPS helmets are designed to reduce the rotational force transmitted to the brain during certain impacts. The system allows the head to move within the helmet, reducing the rotational forces that can cause serious injuries.

MIPS is becoming increasingly popular in cycling helmets, providing an extra layer of protection against rotational force. Additionally, MIPS helmets are more comfortable than traditional helmets due to their flexibility.

Ultimately, helmets with MIPS protection offer cyclists an extra layer of safety when riding on the roads or trails.

Why Should You Get a Helmet for Your Kid?

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike, skateboarding, or doing other activities is essential for safety. It is especially important for young children just to learn how to ride. It protects in case of an accident and can also help teach your child responsibility and good habits at an early age.

Helmets are designed to absorb the impact of a fall or collision and prevent head injuries. When purchasing a helmet for your child, ensure it fits properly and is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Also, choose one with adjustable straps so that it can be adjusted as your child grows.

Finally, encourage your child to wear their helmet whenever they go on their bike or skateboard. You can also lead by example and show them the importance of wearing protective gear while partaking in any physical activity.

How to Choose the Right Size Helmet for Your Kid

Choosing the right helmet for your child is crucial in ensuring their safety when biking, skateboarding, or participating in any kind of extreme sport. However, when it comes to finding the perfect fit for them, parents should consider a few key steps.

  1. Measure the circumference of your child’s head with a measuring tape. This will help you determine what size helmet they need to wear and provide them with the best protection possible.

  2. Select a helmet certified by an independent safety certification organization such as ASTM or CPSC. These organizations make sure that helmets meet certain safety requirements and standards.

  3. Try on different sizes of helmets to ensure they provide a snug yet comfortable fit around your child's head. If it slides back and forth when they move their head, then it’s too big for them.

Best Kid Helmets - FAQ

How can you properly care for your kid's helmet?

To properly care for your kid's helmet, check the fit every time they use it. A well-fitted helmet should sit low on the forehead. Ensure all straps are fastened securely before each use and check for any visible signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or dents in the shell, before using it.

How long do kids’ helmets last?

Helmets should be replaced after any significant impact or crash, regardless of how old the helmet is. It’s also recommended to replace a helmet every three to five years, as the materials and components wear out over time. This is especially important for kids whose heads are still growing.

What type of helmet should I get?

Several types of helmets are available, including bike helmets, skateboard helmets, skiing helmets, and multi-sport helmets. The type of helmet you need depends on your child's use. For example, bike helmets should be worn for biking, skateboarding helmets should be worn for skateboarding, etc. Multi-sport helmets can be used for multiple activities, so they’re great if your child participates in several sports.

What are the best helmets for kids?

The SIFVO kids' bike helmet is the perfect choice for parents looking for a safe and comfortable way to protect their kids while they ride. This helmet offers superior all-around protection with its lightweight, shatterproof shell and adjustable straps that provide a snug fit and full range of motion.

It also features an adjustable chin strap to keep it in place during long rides. Plus, the ergonomically designed inner padding ensures added comfort while providing extra head protection.

Things we like
  • This versatile helmet comes in sizes ranging from 50cm to 57cm.

  • It is designed to fit children aged 5-14 years old.

  • This helmet is available in many fun colors and has a removable visor.

  • It is affordable.

  • Excellent ventilation.

Things we don't like
  • This helmet does not provide as much protection against impacts compared to more expensive models.

  • Some customers have experienced the colors fading after a few years.


Overall, this is a great helmet for kids. It has a removable visor that helps protect your child from the sun and other elements while riding outdoors. It also has reflective stripes on both sides, making it easier to spot your child while they ride at night or early in the morning.

Krash is a leading brand in youth protective gear, and the Krash Youth 8+ mohawk helmet is no exception. This helmet offers superior protection for young riders while providing style and fun. The innovative design features a mohawk-style crest that stands out among other helmets.

The lightweight construction ensures maximum comfort and minimal fatigue during use. With fourteen ventilation holes, this helmet keeps your head cool so you can focus on the ride ahead.

Things we like
  • This eye-catching helmet comes with adjustable straps for an optimal fit that conforms to your child's head shape.

  • Its soft interior lining provides additional cushioning for those unexpected falls or bumps along the way.

  • For added convenience, this helmet can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth after each use.

Things we don't like
  • Many customers report that the straps are too thin and can be difficult to adjust if not properly sized.

  • While the vibrant colors and stylish design make it appealing visually, they also add extra weight, which could be less than ideal when cycling or skateboarding with younger children who may need help with added bulk on their heads.


The Krash youth 8+ mohawk helmet is designed with safety and style in mind, so kids can look cool while also staying safe. In addition, this helmet includes several air vents for ventilation during active use. It is now available through Amazon for an affordable price.

The Exclusky kids' bike helmet is the perfect choice for any parent looking to keep their child safe while riding. This lightweight helmet is designed with a fully-adjustable fit system that ensures your little one's head stays securely covered while out and about.

The helmet's outer shell is made from strong polycarbonate material, which offers superior protection against impacts and bumps. In addition, the inner padding includes adjustable straps that ensure comfort and breathability during long rides.

Things we like
  • It's lightweight, adjustable, and designed with safety in mind.

  • This product features a shock-resistant shell and plush lining that fits comfortably against the head.

  • It fits kids aged 5-14, so it could last your child many years.

Things we don't like
  • The primary complaint about this helmet is that it is too light for adequate protection during high-impact activities such as biking or skateboarding.

  • Additionally, some customers have found that the straps could be more secure as they can easily become loose during use.


Overall, the Exclusky kids' bike helmet is a great option for parents seeking quality protection and convenience all-in-one product. With its eye-catching solid colors, this bicycle helmet will make your child stand out from the crowd and keep them safe! In addition, it's ideal for ages 5-14, making it a great choice for kids of all head sizes.‍

The Giro Scamp youth recreational cycling helmet is a great choice for young cyclists looking for a lightweight and durable helmet. This helmet has a sleek design and is available in several colors to match any cycling gear.

In addition, the micro-shell construction ensures that the helmet is strong enough to protect against impacts. At the same time, the Roc Loc Jr fit system can be adjusted easily to provide a secure fit without sacrificing comfort.

Things we like
  • This helmet features strategic venting, which keeps the rider's head cool during long rides, and an integrated built-in visor that blocks sunlight and rain.

  • It includes reflective accents for increased visibility during low-light conditions.

  • It comes with extra pads that can be used to customize the fit even further.

Things we don't like
  • The helmet's size options are limited to extra-small and small sizes, so older kids may find it too tight or uncomfortable to wear.


Designed specifically for young riders, the Giro Scamp youth cycling helmet offers superior protection and comfort at an affordable price. The lightweight design ensures maximum comfort without sacrificing safety, making it ideal for young cyclists of all experience levels.‍

The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is a great option for cyclists looking to stay safe on the roads. This helmet was designed with safety and comfort in mind, featuring a lightweight micro-shell design and an adjustable spin dial fit system.

Things we like
  • It features side strap adjusters for easy adjustments when putting on or taking off and an integrated visor for added sun protection.

  • It comes in many color options.

  • Detachable visor to reduce glare.

Things we don't like
  • The size range of the helmet is a bit limited, which can lead to discomfort during long rides or even reduce the effectiveness of the helmet if it does not properly cover your head in an accident.

  • Some users have complained about visibility issues when using the helmet due to its design, which can block peripheral vision in some cases.


Overall, this Schwinn Thrasher youth lightweight bike helmet offers superior protection with its impact-resistant micro-shell design and reliable safety features such as its adjustable straps and quick-release buckle.


In conclusion, we have presented you with our top five picks for the best kid helmets. These helmets were chosen based on price, comfort, safety features, and style. The SIFVO kids bike helmet came out as the clear winner due to its excellent design, impact-resistant shell, and adjustable straps that provide optimal protection to keep your child safe and secure.

With the help of this comprehensive buying guide, you can now be confident in selecting a stylish and reliable helmet.

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