Your Guide to Aventon Electric Bikes

A complete guide to Aventon electric bikes, highlighting Aventon cargo, folding, city and budget-friendly eBikes

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What Are Aventon Electric Bikes

Aventon is a southern California eBike manufacturer that started in 2013 building fixed-speed bikes for track racing. In 2018, they transitioned to eBikes and haven’t looked back. 

Aventon now offers a wide selection of models that include recreational, city, all-terrain, folding, and cargo eBikes. Aventon offers Direct to Consumer (D2C) ordering, so you can order your bike online and it will be delivered directly to your home. 

Why Buy an Aventon Electric Bike

Lots of Innovation for the Price - Aventon adds features like integrated lights and turn signals, dropper posts for on the fly saddle adjustment, and torque sensors for a more natural riding experience.

Shop Online or Through a Dealer - You can test-ride and purchase your next Aventon at one of 1,000 dealers in North America. Or you can get your new bike delivered directly to your home by shopping online at the Aventon website.

Throttle and Pedal Assist Options - Pedal assist with a throttle sensor gives a more natural feel to your riding experience. When you need that extra little push, especially with a heavy load from a standstill, the throttle power is a welcome touch.

Factors to Consider with Aventon Electric Bikes

Some Assembly is Required for Direct Shipping - Like most D2C shipped eBikes, the Aventons require some final assembly to your eBike when you receive it. Video tutorials on the website are helpful to make assembly easier.

Rear Hub Drive Only - All Aventons are available with rear hub drive motors. If mid-drive motors are to your liking, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

And now, here are some Aventon eBikes to check out!

If you're in the market for a new e-cargo bike from a trustworthy brand, you should check out the Aventon Abound. For under $2,200, the Abound incorporates some important features such as a robust rear rack and turn signal lighting to create the ultimate commute-and-carry machine.

7 Reasons to Buy an Aventon Abound

  • At $2,199.00 MSRP, the Aventon Abound is among the more affordable electric cargo bikes on the market.

  • 4 different pedal-assist levels: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo, provide a wide range of e-capabilities

  • The torque sensor and 750 W rear hub motor provide plenty of power to transport a rider and an additional payload

  • The Step-Through frame and kickstand facilitate an easy on-and-off process for the rider

  • A robust rear rack and internal storage bag provide plenty of space for additional cargo

  • Included footboard will comfortably seat an additional passenger

  • Integrated lights with turn-signal functionality ensure rider safety and visibility on busy roads

2 Reasons Not to Buy an Aventon Abound

  • Weighing in at 81 pounds, the Abound may be more difficult to transport compared to a smaller, lighter e-bike, but that comes at the cost of being able to carry additional cargo on your ride

  • The Suntour front fork is not the most high-quality, but it will get the job done, especially assuming you are hauling a lot of stuff in the back.

The Bottom Line

Aventon redefines the cargo eBike with the Abound. The 750 W Rear Hub Motor, spacious cargo section, dropper seatpost, and turn-signal lighting give riders a lot to like.

Learn more about the new Aventon Abound in this interview with Aventon's Director of Customer Experience on the Ride On! Podcast, Episode #6 (Aventon Abound discussion starts at 26:13)

The Aventon Aventure is an all-terrain eBike that can take you anywhere you need to go with fat tires and a large-capacity battery.

10 Reasons to Buy an Aventon Aventure

  • The Aventure electric bike features a powerful hub motor that clocks in at almost 1130 W at its peak and allows cyclists to pedal at maximum speed to reach their destination faster.

  • The addition of a suspension fork on the e-bike ensures stability, maximum bump absorption, and easier travel on tough trails.

  • The Aventure electric bike comes with five modes of pedal assist to expertly control the speed gain, energy, and charge expenditure.

  • The leading Aventon electric bike boasts a top speed of 28 mph and a maximum range of 45 miles, easily achieved by the highest mode of pedal assist.

  • The throttle on the Aventure e-bike balances the speed and allows gentle stops to rest when running at high speeds.

  • The integration of hydraulic disc brakes on the Aventure electric bike ensures riders complete control over stopping the bike, eliminates sudden jerks, and works perfectly at high speeds.

  • The aluminum chassis and built-in fenders on the Aventure protect the electric bike from scorching under the sun, denting on impact, and wobbling on pebbly trails.

  • For nighttime visibility, the Aventure electric bike features integrated lights that function independently of the battery, so no extra charge is lost and safety is maximized.

  • The Aventure electric bike is supported by large and thick 4-inch tires that keep the vehicle stable on gravel and improves confidence on the road - at steep climbs and downhill rides.

  • The electric bike is built with a digital display that features a speedometer, shows the pedal assist level, battery tank, adjusts the class modes for increased power, turns the integrated lights off, and plugs into a smartphone via USB.

2 Reasons Not to Buy an Aventon Aventure

  • The battery button of the Aventure electric bike is finicky to turn on and off, it takes a while to learn the trick of using it.

  • The fenders of the Aventure electric bike are situated close to the pedals, so the rider's feet may hit them during turns which is risky during high speeds.

The Bottom Line

This fat tire eBike has adventure written all over it. The fat-tire Aventure has plenty of power and range to let you take the road less traveled. 

The Aventon Pace is a Class 3 electric cruiser that sports an impressive list of features for a very reasonable price. 

5 Reasons to Buy an Aventon Pace

  • The new torque sensor gives a much smoother riding experience, especially for hills and starting from a dead stop

  • Turn signals create a new level of safety and visibility on the road

  • Step-through and step-over frame options can offer a comfortable ride regardless of your preference

  • Swept-back handlebars and upright seating position keep the rider relaxed and also alert of his/her surroundings

  • The LCD display gives the rider full visibility into the speed and range of the bike, as well as app-integration capabilities

2 Reasons Not to Buy an Aventon Pace

  • With a maximum range of 60 miles on the lowest power, the Pace may not be the best option for long-distance trips

  • Due to some of its more premium features, the Pace is not a “budget” e-bike; you may find comparable models for less than $1,699

The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an eBike but want to get premium features like integrated lights and a torque sensor assist, the Aventon Pace cruiser eBike is worth a look.

The Aventon Level is designed for bike commuting. Clean lines and a thoughtful component mix will help you beat the traffic on your commute to work or to the store. 

10 Reasons to Buy an Aventon Level

  • The Aventon Level electric bike features a powerful motor that outputs 750W at its peak and balances the acceleration while riding on paved roads.

  • It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that not only improve the stopping power but also regulate the distance and allow the bike to reach a gentle stop rather than jerking forward.

  • The integration of a coil spring suspension fork on the Aventon Level reduces the weight of the bike, allows effortless pedaling, and ensures comfort while riding.

  • The electric bike has a throttle on demand that helps riders immediately start the bike after stopping and regulate the power with a mere twist.

  • The Aventon Level is built with a backlit LCD screen that displays speed, indicates charge, and connects to a smartphone to adjust settings and allow easy navigation.

  • The Lithium-ion battery is removable so there's no need to haul the bike over to a power outlet. Simply plug the charger and reattach the battery when it's full.

  • There are five levels of pedal assist on the Aventon Level – it allows bike riders to gradually increase the speed or stay consistent at a mild acceleration or enjoy an aggressive throttle at top speed.

  • The electric bike takes only five hours to charge and is then capable of running efficiently for up to 40 miles.

  • The seat is wide and cushioned for extra comfort.

  • The handlebars and grip are ergonomic and resist wear and tear well.

2 Reasons Not to Buy an Aventon Level

  • The stem of the Aventon Level isn't adjustable which may become an inconvenience for short-legged bike riders.

  • The hydraulic disc brakes are noisy and can be disturbing while coming to a gentle stop.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a dedicated commuter eBike, the Aventon Level checks all the boxes. Integrated battery, hydraulic brakes, and Class 3 speed (28mph) will efficiently get you to work without eating up your whole paycheck.

When storage is your problem, the Aventon Sinch.2 folding eBike is the solution. This compact eBike has been upgraded with new features to make it a very capable everyday ride that can fit in tight spaces when not in use.

6 Reasons to Buy an Aventon Sinch.2

  • The new torque sensor on the Sinch.2 offers a much smoother riding experience than many other ebikes on the market

  • Turn signals on the Sinch.2 are a road-ready safety feature that most other ebikes exclude

  • The new folding mechanism makes the Sinch.2 highly compact, but also ensures improved stability when riding

  • New Chao Yang 20x4” tires are smoother than the Kenda tires on the previous model, which will make the Sinch.2 roll much better on flat surfaces

  • Four levels of pedal assist are available to customize speed and power output when riding

  • The new Sinch model comes in a step-through frame, which is a much easier setup to mount and dismount than a step-over frame

2 Reasons Not to Buy an Aventon Sinch.2

  • Unlike Aventon’s recent releases, the Sinch.2 does not include hydraulic disc brakes; its mechanical disc brakes may be slightly less reliable and require a bit more maintenance

  • The new tires on the Sinch.2 are not quite as rugged and off-road-ready as the previous model

The Bottom Line

The folding Sinch.2 was revised for the urban rider with street-oriented tires and a step-through frame for easier accessibility on and off the bike. While it uses mechanical brakes, the Synch.2 keeps innovative components that give this eBike a lot of value.

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