Your Guide to Sur-Ron Electric Motorbikes

A complete guide to the high-powered, fun-fueled electric motorbikes from Sur-Ron.

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What is Sur-Ron?
Why Buy a Sur-Ron?
Factors to Consider When Buying a Sur-Ron
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What is Sur-Ron?

Sur-Ron is a global electric motorbike brand, founded in 2014. The company is headquartered in Shenzen, China, and also has branches in the US, UK, and Canada. In 2018, Sur-Ron released the first iteration of their “Light Bee” electric motorbike, which became well known within the two-wheeled community as “the Sur-Ron.” Since then, Sur-Ron has updated the Light Bee model to the “Light Bee X,” and introduced multiple other electric motorbikes. Sur-Ron’s current lineup of vehicles includes the Light Bee X, the Ultra Bee, and the Storm Bee.

Why Buy a Sur-Ron?

Sur-Ron has generated a bit of a cult following among motorbike and ebike enthusiasts, and even inspired dedicated media channels online (see @SurRonster on Youtube). There’s a lot to love about Sur-Ron vehicles, but probably the main reason they’re so popular is because they perform extremely well compared to other vehicles in their class. Not only are they zippy and fun to use, they’re also fairly affordable considering their performance. While the Sur-Ron vehicles come ready to roll with stock hardware, users have also found that they can get much more out of their Sur-Rons by decking them out with motor upgrades, battery upgrades, and more.*

*Use third party upgrades at your own risk.*

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sur-Ron

Street Legality - Sur-Rons are built for offroad fun. Consult your local laws to determine whether or not the Sur-Ron is suitable for road use (they are NOT street legal in the United States, for example).

Competition Use - If you’re looking to use a Sur-Ron for competitive racing events, be sure to consult competition rules on the use of vehicles like the Sur-Ron. Additionally, the Sur-Ron will likely not perform the same as a traditional motorbike/dirt bike, so consider taking one out for a test run before making your purchase.

Size - The main differences between the Light Bee X, the Ultra Bee, and the Storm Bee is vehicle size and motor power. The Light Bee X is the smallest (and slowest) of the bunch, and the Storm bee is the largest and fastest. These are important factors to consider if you are either much smaller or larger than the average rider.

Now without further adieu, let's get into the Sur-Rons...

The Sur-Ron Light Bee X is the flagship Sur-Ron electric dirt bike. It's a small, lightweight bike that's built for off road ripping.

6 Reasons to Buy the Sur-Ron Light Bee X

  • Powerful motor and lightweight frame makes the Light Bee X very zippy.

  • Adjustable full suspension setup for comfortable off road rides.

  • Grippy off road tires for firm traction.

  • Fully throttle-powered - no pedaling required.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes help the Light Bee X stop on a dime.

  • Vehicle is fully upgradable for improved performance.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Sur-Ron Light Bee X

  • Small frame may be uncomfortable for larger riders.

  • Performance of the Light Bee may not be suitable for high-level off road riding.

The Bottom Line

The Sur-Ron Light Bee is a great electric motorbike to tool around on as a pro, and a great option for beginner riders. Not only is it fun, it's also fun-sized!

The Sur-Ron Ultra Bee is a bit larger and faster than the Light Bee X, while still offering the same thrills and value.

5 Reasons to Buy the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee

  • Upgraded motor for improved torque.

  • Upgraded battery capacity for longer range on a single charge.

  • Lightweight frame makes the Ultra Bee highly agile.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes improve stopping power even at high speeds.

  • Larger seat makes for a more comfortable ride for larger riders.

1 Reason Not to Buy the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee

  • Improved performance comes at a higher price tag than the Light Bee X.

The Bottom Line

The Ultra Bee was built to be a step up from the Light Bee X, filling some gaps in performance and size. As such, the Ultra Bee perform a bit more like a traditional dirt bike, and a "happy medium" within the Sur-Ron lineup.

The Storm Bee is the largest bike from Sur-Ron, with a ton of new features that come with the increased price.

5 Reasons to Buy the Sur-Ron Storm Bee

  • 22,500 watt motor offers the most power out of the Sur-Ron Bikes.

  • Reverse capability makes it easy to back out of tight spaces.

  • Multiple riding modes to customize power output and battery consumption.

  • Traction control for improved handling off road.

  • Regenerative Braking system saves battery.

1 Reason Not to Buy the Sur-Ron Storm Bee

  • Heavy weight and large size of the Storm Bee may not be suitable for smaller riders.

  • Storm Bee is also the most expensive bike out of the bunch.

The Bottom Line

The Storm Bee will likely feel closest to a traditional motorbike due to the weight, and it will be the best fit for large riders.

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