Your Guide to Best Electric Cargo Bikes for Hauling Goods

Explore our picks for best cargo eBikes, including compact, longtail, front loader, and trike designs, with top picks like the Specialized Globe Haul ST, Yuba Mundo, Cube Cargo Hybrid, Aventon Abound, AddMotor MOTAN M-350, and Lectric XPedition

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product imageSpecialized Globe Haul ST

Cargo eBikes are revolutionizing how we ride bikes for transportation and transport goods around cities. With enormous payload capacities and numerous options for attaching cargo, cargo eBikes redefine what we need to haul our stuff around town.

Cargo eBikes feature heavy-duty frames, motors, components, and accessories designed to carry hundreds of pounds while providing a stable and safe riding experience. They often have a longer wheelbase, allowing more space to carry loads. You'll need more power and torque when you need to haul heavy loads up steep hills. Powerful motors (500-100W) with higher torque (75-150Nm) are standard on many cargo eBikes. Racks and baskets are essential accessories for transporting any kind of goods from groceries to gardening supplies.

Here’s a quick primer on the different styles of Cargo eBikes

Longtail - A longtail cargo eBike has a long wheelbase with much of the extension behind the rider to accommodate cargo or passengers.

Midtail or Compact - These cargo eBikes have a similar wheelbase as conventional eBikes. They often have smaller wheels to create more space for cargo while keeping a shorter wheelbase.

Front Loading/Box Bike/ Bakfeits - These unique cargo eBIkes feature a platform or box directly in front of the rider, which sits low and improves stability with heavy loads.

With that, let’s check out some cargo eBikes! 

Ride Review Choice for Best Compact Cargo eBike

Specialized Globe Haul ST

The Specialized Globe Haul ST is our top pick for cargo eBike. This short travel cargo eBike is well thought out, with many options for attaching different accessories depending on your needs. Its total payload capacity of 419 lbs should be plenty for most load-hauling needs. Have a full day of errands in store? The Globe Haul ST’s 772Wh battery can provide up to 60 miles of range, so you can leave the range anxiety at home.

The Globe Haul ST is ready to go straight out of the box with an included MIK-compatible rear rack, full-coverage fenders, integrated lights, and a center stand. And if you need to customize your Haul ST even more, Specialized offers many accessories to expand its capability to meet your needs.

6 Reasons to Buy the Globe Haul ST

  • Haul ST includes attachment capabilities to add extra carrying space on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle

  • Cargo attachments can be temporarily removed for more low-profile riding when cargo space isn’t needed

  • Hydraulic disc brakes on front and rear tires ensure consistent, reliable stopping

  • Optional Passenger Kit comfortably fits a second rider on the Haul ST for just under $200

  • Premium aluminum frame comes with a lifetime warranty ensuring a solid ride for as long as you own the bike

  • Adjustable seat post and handlebars allow both taller and shorter riders to cruise comfortably

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Globe Haul ST

  • Haul ST is not the most affordable e-cargo bike on the market; several competitors offer cheaper vehicles

  • Comes only with pedal assist; throttle attachment must be purchased separately

  • Riding with side pannier attachments may take some getting used to

Best Longtail Cargo Pick

Yuba Mundo

Yuba Bikes is a pioneer in cargo bikes, and the Yuba Mundo is a shining example of their years of experience designing cargo bikes that carry cargo and families. The Mundo's longtail frame design has a long wheelbase, giving the rider more stability and plenty of room to haul all your gear. And you'll be confident that the Mundo can handle your heaviest loads because it has a 550 lb payload capacity.

The trusted Shimano Steps EP8 mid-drive motor powers the Mundo with a smooth, predictable electric assist. To round it out, hydraulic disk brakes give you confidence that you can safely stop in any condition, even with a full load.

10 Reasons to Buy Yuba Mundo Electric

  • The classic look of this bike turns heads wherever you go.

  • The sturdy, no-flex steel frame absorbs some road vibration.

  • The front-mounted "bread basket" has plenty of space for groceries, books, or your favorite pet pooch!

  • With a battery capacity of up to 40 miles, this ebike is perfect for long rides.

  • Powerful brakes help you stop quickly when you need to.

  • The battery can be easily charged off the bike.

  • With a range of accessories available, the bike can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences.

  • The LED lights make the bike easy to see at night.

  • Fits up to three kids without sacrificing ride quality.

  • With 21 speeds, the Mundo can handle any terrain you might encounter on your commute.

3 Reasons Not to Buy Yuba Mundo Electric

  • The ebike lacks the necessary shock absorbers in both the front fork and the seat post.

  • The adjustable neck of the bike is not sturdy enough to handle rough terrain or aggressive riding styles.

  • If you choose to add additional accessories to your Yuba Mundo Electric ebike, you can quickly end up spending much more money than you anticipated on this single bike.

Best Front Loader (Bakfeits) Cargo Pick

Cube Cargo Hybrid

Our pick for the best front-loading cargo bike goes to the Cube Cargo Hybrid eBike. The bakfeit (box bike) features a large bucket positioned in front of the rider. It is large enough to hold all your groceries or a couple of children. Cube offers a whole line of accessories to keep your cargo secure and dry.

You'll enjoy smooth gear shifting with the Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor and continuous shifting Enviolo rear hub. If you need more range, there is a slot for a second battery. An 80mm front suspension fork will smooth out the ride for you and your cargo. 

10 Reasons to Buy the Cube Cargo Hybrid

  • Powerful generation 4 motor

  • Powerful battery

  • Strong disk brakes

  • Light yet robust aluminum frame

  • Comfortable seat

  • Multi-person carrier

  • Substantial cargo capacity

  • Accommodates riders of multiple heights

  • Smooth gear shifting

  • An innovative and reputed brand

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Cube Cargo Hybrid

  • The top speed is quite low

  • Doesn’t look particularly appealing

  • Uncomfortable off the road

Best MidTail Cargo eBike

Aventon Abound

Aventon makes cargo hauling by eBike more accessible with the Abound. This mid-tail cargo eBike offers a ton of features and value for the price. A throttle helps you move from a standstill, and you can ride with pedal assist mode to maximize the range on your battery. If you are just getting used to riding a cargo eBike or you are riding with a heavy load, you'll appreciate the 20" tires that keep a low center of gravity for a more stable ride.

The Abound comes standard with lights, fenders, a kickstand, and a rear rack, so you have everything you need to put your eBike to work around town. Aventon even added extra features like integrated turn signals and a frame bag to store your daily essentials.

7 Reasons to Buy the Aventon Abound

  • At $2,199.00 MSRP, the Aventon Abound is among the more affordable electric cargo bikes on the market.

  • 4 different pedal-assist levels: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo, provide a wide range of e-capabilities

  • Torque sensor and 750 W rear hub motor provide plenty of power to transport a rider and an additional payload

  • Step-Through frame and kickstand facilitate an easy on-and-off process for the rider

  • Robust rear rack and internal storage bag provide plenty of space for additional cargo

  • Included footboard will comfortably seat an additional passenger

  • Integrated lights with turn-signal functionality ensure rider safety and visibility on busy roads

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Aventon Abound

  • Weighing in at 81 pounds, the Abound may be more difficult to transport compared to a smaller, lighter e-bike, but that comes at the cost of being able to carry additional cargo on your ride

  • The Suntour front fork is not the most high-quality, but it will get the job done, especially assuming you are hauling a lot of stuff in the back.

Best Cargo Trike Pick

AddMotor MOTAN M-350

For older riders or riders with limited mobility, an eTrike is an excellent solution when you want to ditch the car to do your errands. The AddMotoR MOTAN M-350 combines 3-wheeled stability with cargo-carrying capability, making it a useful utility vehicle. You’ll have plenty of juice to ride for up to 85 miles with the 20Ah 48V battery. 4” tires are wide enough to ride through soft sand and soak up the bumps of rough asphalt or dirt trails. Go ahead and pick up all of your groceries for the Sunday night family dinner - the MOTAN M-350 has a 450lb payload capacity that can handle your heaviest loads.

10 Reasons to Buy the AddMotoR Motan M-350 P7

  • The AddMotoR Motan M-350 P7 is perfect for anyone who wants an approachable electric trike with a mid-step frame.

  • It has a great display that makes it easy to keep track of your speed, distance, and battery life.

  • The extra-wide fat tires provide stability and make it easier to ride on different types of terrain.

  • You can also use the pedal mode assist to make pedaling easier.

  • You'll get up to a 40-45 mile range on a single charge.

  • The compact battery makes it easy to store or transport the trike when needed.

  • The comfortable riding experience will make your journeys all the more pleasant.

  • The sturdy tricycle frame design makes it a durable choice for those who want a bike that can handle tougher terrain.

  • The AddMotoR Motan M-350 P7 is especially good on sandy trails.

  • It has an adjustable stem for a more relaxed ride.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the AddMotoR Motan M-350 P7

  • This trike uses mostly entry-level components that may be less reliable than those on more expensive models.

  • The display is not adjustable without tools being used and can't be angled; this poses a problem if you'd like to adjust your viewing angle while riding.

  • The motor placement in the front wheel gives it less traction control when tackling terrain with loose dirt or wet surfaces.

Best Budget Pick

Lectric XPedition

At $1,399, the Lectric XPedition punches above its weight in the cargo eBike world. With features like hydraulic brakes, a 750W/85Nm hub-drive motor, and a frame-integrated rear rack, the XPedition is a virtual steal for the price. This Class 3 cargo eBike is equally at home in the city or the backcountry. The optional dual battery can deliver up to 150 miles of range so that you can head out to regions unexplored for your next overnight camping trip. Lectric offers a full selection of cargo-hauling accessories to customize your XPedition for hauling groceries, kids, or camping equipment. 

7 Reasons to Buy the Lectric XPedition

  • The XPedition’s max payload capacity of 450 pounds allows riders to haul some serious weight behind them

  • Dual-battery capacity offers riders up to 150 miles of range on a single charge

  • Brand new Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PRW) system gives riders the ability to control the power expenditure of the pedal assist.

  • 180 mm front and rear hydraulic brakes provide an ultra-responsive and low-maintenance braking system, giving riders the peace of mind they deserve

  • Foldable frame makes the XPedition easy to store and transport (folding down to a compact 72 x 12 x 32 inch package), in contrast to many other cargo designs

  • 1,310 W peak motor helps the XPedition maintain a top speed of 28 mph even while hauling another passenger or additional cargo

  • Lectric saves their customers headaches - vehicle ships fully assembled and is backed by a one-year warranty and a full US customer service base

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Lectric XPedition

  • If you're looking for something super compact, the XPedition may not fold down enough to fit your needs

  • Only available in step-through frame, which may make bike rack locking a challenge

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