Your Guide to Trek Electric Bikes

A comprehensive guide to Trek eBikes that fit your needs on the open road, mountain trails or on the city streets.

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What are Trek Electric Bikes

If you are in the market for a new eBike, you’ve probably heard of Trek bicycles. Founded in 1976, Trek is a leading bicycle manufacturer and distributes bikes in over 90 countries around the globe. Headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek bikes are manufactured in Europe and Asia. 

Through extensive R&D from its world-class professional road and mountain bike teams, Trek designs and builds its consumer eBikes with the most innovative technology available in the industry. Trek’s eBike lineup includes an extensive selection of road, mountain, city, utility, and cruiser bikes that suit anyone who wants to ride recreationally on the road or trail, commute to work or carry groceries and kids around town.

Why Buy a Trek eBike

Reputation and Quality - With 50 years of experience, Trek has a solid reputation for building quality, dependable eBikes that are equipped with good componentry. Their batteries, motors, and controllers are certified for safe operation and charging in your home.

Model Variety - Trek offers an extensive selection of performance road and mountain eBikes, city and utility eBikes, and hybrid and recreational bikes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Innovation - Trek strives to be on the leading edge of the bike industry and puts innovative technology into all levels of its bike lineup.

Warranty and Customer Service  - Through dealers and customer service, Trek provides personalized service to ensure that you get the bike that’s correct for you and that it works for years with minimum issues. 

Factors to Consider when Buying a Trek eBike

More Expensive - Trek eBikes are not the lowest-priced options on the market. Do you prioritize price over component specs and feature innovation? You may look to other eBike brands that deliver more value.

Dealer Sales Only - New Trek eBikes are only available through authorized dealers with no options of direct-to-consumer. On the plus side, you will receive proper fitting and have the peace of mind that your eBike was assembled by a certified mechanic.

Are you ready to learn more about Trek eBikes? Let’s get started!

The Verve+ 3 Lowstep is Trek’s take on the classic city bike. The lightweight, step-through frame and comprehensive set of accessories make the Verve+ 3 Lowstep a turn-key eBike for your city riding needs.

10 Reasons to Buy the Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep

  • The Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep e-bike comes with powerful disc brakes that provide maximum safety.

  • This e-bike is equipped with a mid-drive motor to help riders easily ascend any incline without the need for strenuous physical effort.

  • Its geometry provides great stability and comfort when cycling, allowing riders to remain in an upright position while their body weight is evenly distributed on the bike's frame.

  • The design of the Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep e-bike is sleek and modern, adding a stylish touch to your cycling experience.

  • To ensure a smoother ride, it has a suspension seat post that can absorb shocks from uneven terrain, reducing stress on the joints.

  • For added protection against punctures, the Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep e-bike comes with tough, puncture-resistant tires.

  • Its lightweight aluminum frame makes the bike easy to maneuver.

  • The price tag of the Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep e-bike is also very affordable compared to other electric bikes in its class.

  • With its wide range of sizes and frames tailored specifically for different heights and body types, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • This amazing bike also comes with high-quality accessories, including rear lights.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep

  • The Verve+ 3 doesn’t include any front suspension, meaning riders won't benefit from the added shock absorption.

  • The display included with this bike is nothing special, just featuring basic functions such as speed and battery level indicators.

The Bottom Line

The Trek Verve+ 3 Lowstep’s traditional city bike design and geometry make it ideal for city commuting and light utility use. The low step frame makes it easy to get on and off, no matter what you are wearing. It’s generously equipped with all the accessories that you’ll need to tackle your daily errands in all conditions.

The Trek FX+ 2 eBike is a no-frills upgrade for your city commute or leisure rides when you want an electric boost. The FX+2 is Trek’s more economical eBike offering.

11 Reasons to Buy the Trek FX+ 2 eBike

  • The Hyena Rider Assistant app optimizes the bike's performance to meet your needs.

  • The bike's rear hub motor is quiet so you can enjoy a natural ride that feels like a traditional bicycle with an added boost.

  • The PAS system has three optimized settings that provide noticeable variation in assistance.

  • The 120-lumen headlamp offers excellent visibility and the fenders help you stay dry in wet conditions.

  • The kickstand mount keeps the bike upright and accessible, making it easy to grab and go.

  • The hydraulic disc brakes perform well even in heavy rain, ensuring consistent stopping power in various weather conditions.

  • The rear rack mount lets you easily transport items while commuting or running errands.

  • The loud bell ensures you can alert other riders or pedestrians to your presence for added safety.

  • It’s incredibly lightweight at just 40 lbs for effortless handling and maneuverability.

  • It comes in four sizes and three color options.

  • It has a range of 70 miles with the range extender battery system.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Trek FX+ 2 eBike

  • The LED display for battery status and pedal assist mode feels outdated compared to modern LCDs.

  • The lack of quick-release wheels requires tools for their removal.

The Bottom Line

The Trek FX+2 gives you the essentials for everyday city commuting. Its lightweight,  understated design is excellent for riders who need to carry their bike and don’t want to attract attention. It lacks some features found on more expensive bikes, but the FX+2 provides extra assistance for daily utility and leisure rides.

The Trek Dual Sport+ is a versatile and well-designed electric bike that delivers a comfortable and stable riding experience on both the road and trail. It is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for commuting or light touring.

6 Reasons to Buy the Dual Sport+

  • Well-designed and versatile electric bike

  • An affordable and reliable option

  • Excellent brakes and dependable specification list

  • Lightweight and durable hybrid bike

  • Small but effective motor and torque sensor

  • Stealthy appearance with streamlined design elements

3 Reasons to Buy the Dual Sport+

  • The absence of an integrated light system

  • Puncture-resistant tires

  • Non-replaceable internal battery may limit range without an external range extender battery

The Bottom Line

The Dual Sport+ electric bike is a well-designed and versatile option that offers great value for its price. With excellent brakes, a dependable specification list, and a small but effective motor, it provides a reliable and enjoyable ride.

The Trek Domane+ LT is a performance road bike with electric assist that is perfect for long miles on pavement or gravel.

5 Reasons to Buy the Trek Domane+ LT

  • The Bontrager Arvada Elite saddle promises a comfortable ride

  • Tubeless tires on quality tubeless-read wheels

  • Full carbon suspension is extremely durable and stable

  • Powerful electric drive system with a touch remote

  • Good performance on steep climbs

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Trek Domane+ LT

  • The pedal assist will cut off after reaching a speed of 20 mph, which might not give the best experience to riders looking for a fast ride.

  • The battery life can be a bit short if you want to have a full-day adventure.

  • Only one frame size is available, but it might not be suitable for all riders.

The Bottom Line

The Trek Domane+ LT can give you an authentic road bike experience, thanks to the quality carbon frame, tires suitable for road and gravel, and hidden electronic drivetrain system.

The Trek Allant+ is a powerful, versatile, and capable electric bike perfect for speedy commutes, sweat-free errands, and off-road adventures. It offers a hill-flattening boost and a range that shrinks distances, making it suitable for various ride use cases such as neighborhood cruising, urban commuting, and family leisure. 

5 Reasons to Buy the Allant+

  • It is a high-quality ebike with ample range, a powerful motor, and a comprehensive parts package.

  • It is a comfortable and capable commuter ebike with reliable handling.

  • This fast commuter e-bike has sharp and reliable handling and ample speed.

  • The Allant+ features high-quality components, a powerful motor, and intuitive connectivity.

  • The Allant+ is a high-quality bike with effective weight distribution, an impressive motor, a smooth ride, and good components.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Allant+

  • The Trek Allant+ has an expensive price point that may not provide the best value for every customer.

  • The charging port could benefit from a more accessible position.

  • Low-speed steering and suspension could be improved.

The Bottom Line

The Trek Allant+ line of electric bikes offers top-notch quality, impressive performance, and a comprehensive set of features. While they may have a higher price point, the high-quality components and intuitive connectivity make them a great investment for those seeking an enjoyable commuting or casual riding experience.

The Trek E-Caliber is a lightweight electric mountain bike that combines traditional cycling agility with the benefits of electric assistance. With its nimble and efficient ride, the E-Caliber is accessible to a wide range of riders and offers a versatile design that appeals to both professionals and casual riders. 

7 Reasons to Buy the E-Caliber

  • The Trek E-Caliber is praised for its integration of the Fazua Evation assist system, which provides electric assistance while maintaining traditional cycling agility.

  • The bike is optimized for weight and performance, potentially setting a new standard for eMTB design.

  • It offers a nimble and efficient ride, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.

  • The E-Caliber features a lightweight carbon frame and quality components.

  • The bike has a versatile design and appeals to both professional and casual riders.

  • The iso-strut suspension guarantees a comfortable and adjustable ride.

  • The E-Caliber is customizable, allowing customers to tailor it to their specific needs.

4 Reasons Not to Buy the E-Caliber

  • The E-Caliber suspension may not provide enough off-road performance and its aggressive geometry may limit its application.

  • The high price tag of $11,999 may deter some potential buyers.

  • There are other e-bikes in the same price range that offer more.

  • Despite its lightweight and quality components, the E-Caliber may not be suitable for longer rides.

The Bottom Line

The Trek E-Caliber is a groundbreaking eMTB that offers the perfect blend of electric assistance and traditional cycling agility. With its optimized weight and performance, it sets a new standard for eMTB design. The nimble and efficient ride, along with the Fazua Evation assist system, ensures a superior riding experience with minimal resistance.

The Trek Powerfly FS 4 is a full-suspension electric mountain bike designed for rugged trail adventures. It features a durable Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame and is equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drive system. Despite its high performance, the Powerfly FS 4 remains affordable, providing excellent value for money.

9 Reasons to Buy the Powerfly FS 4

  • The Trek 2022 Powerfly FS 4 features a suspension system, making it suitable for mountain biking and off-road adventures.

  • The bike utilizes Trek's Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame, ensuring durability and strength.

  • Equipped with the reliable Performance CX mid-mounted motor by Bosch, providing efficient and powerful assistance while riding.

  • The integrated battery is removable, allowing for easy charging and replacement.

  • The bike offers additional features ready for customization, giving users the ability to personalize their riding experience.

  • The new Trek Powerfly FS is versatile and high-performing, suitable for various terrains and riding styles.

  • The e-bike is equipped with top-of-the-line hardware, ensuring quality and reliability.

  • Despite its high quality, the Trek Powerfly FS is considered affordable, offering value for money.

  • The design of the bike allows for great off-road handling, providing a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience.

1 Reason Not to Buy the Powerfly FS 4

  • The bike's small display screen might be inconvenient for some users, potentially affecting visibility and ease of navigation.

The Bottom Line

The Trek Powerfly FS 4 is a top-performing e-bike that offers durability, versatility, and value for money. With its suspension system and strong frame, it's perfect for off-road adventures. The reliable motor and removable battery provide efficient assistance and easy charging. Plus, the customizable features allow users to personalize their riding experience. While the small display screen may be a drawback for some, overall, the Powerfly FS 4 delivers a thrilling and enjoyable ride.

The Trek Rail 9.7 is a long-travel carbon electric mountain bike that offers impressive performance and a solid distance range. With its powerful Bosch motor and 625Wh battery capacity, it provides powerful uphill momentum and inspires confidence on descents.

4 Reasons to Buy the Rail 9.7

  • Impressive distance range with the powerful Bosch motor and a solid 625Wh battery capacity

  • Powerful uphill momentum and confident descent

  • Good geometry and an enjoyable ride

  • Surprisingly plush and comfortable

4 Reasons Not to Buy the Rail 9.7

  • Slightly quirky display and controls

  • Less smooth start-off of the motor

  • Placement of the water bottle holder

  • The aesthetic of the remote (not visually appealing)

The Bottom Line

The Rail 9.7 offers an impressive distance range and powerful performance, making it a great option for those looking for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. While there may be some minor quirks and budget-oriented componentry, overall, this enduro eMTB delivers on its promises and provides a solid choice for riders.

The Fuel EXe 9.8 GX AXS is an evolved e-mountain bike from Trek. Built on a carbon fiber chassis, it offers a light, stiff, and nimble ride.

13 Reasons to Buy the Fuel EXe 9.8 GX AXS

  • Versatility for different terrains

  • A great option for both park rides and long trail rides

  • Impressive build quality

  • Sleek design for a smooth ride

  • Sturdy build, high-quality components, and excellent ride quality

  • Electric-assist has powerful performance

  • Silent operation and instant drive unit engagement

  • Reduced fatigue and increased agility compared to full-fat eMTBs

  • Sturdy frame and supportive suspension for an efficient and confident ride

  • Efficient climbing performance and powerful brakes

  • It has a short rear end for a playful ride quality

  • Impressive natural ride feel and lightweight build

  • Potential long-term durability and performance

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Fuel EXe 9.8 GX AXS

  • Somewhat expensive compared to some competitors

  • It has areas for potential improvement

  • Heavier and lacking small-bump suppleness

The Bottom Line

The Fuel EXe 9.8 GX AXS is a versatile and high-quality micromobility vehicle that delivers an exceptional ride experience. With its sleek design, sturdy build, and powerful electric-assist performance, it's a top choice for riders looking to tackle different terrains, from park rides to long trail adventures. The reduced fatigue and increased agility make it a joy to ride, while the supportive suspension and efficient climbing performance ensure a confident journey. Despite the somewhat higher price tag, this micromobility vehicle offers long-term durability and performance, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable ride.

The Trek Fetch+ 2 is a compact electric cargo bike designed to haul a lot while being fun and simple to use. With the powerful boost of the Bosch smart system, it can easily carry up to 175 lbs of cargo, making it perfect for families.

5 Reasons to Buy the Fetch+ 2

  • The Trek Fetch Plus 2 electric bike offers great capacity for carrying children or cargo.

  • The bikes are highly customizable, allowing for the addition of child seats and various compartments for cargo.

  • They are equipped with Bosch electric bike motors, known for their quality and reliability.

  • The removable Bosch batteries can be fully charged in six hours, providing a convenient power source.

  • The Fetch Plus 2 cargo bike offers a minimalist design with a relatively lightweight, making it suitable for urban riding.

4 Reasons Not to Buy the Fetch+ 2

  • The Trek Fetch Plus bikes have a hefty price tag, which may not be accessible to all potential buyers.

  • While the bikes are designed for carrying cargo, they may not be suitable for users who don't have a need for that specific functionality.

  • The customization options and additional accessories may add to the overall cost of the bike.

  • The bikes are primarily designed for short city rides, so they may not be the best choice for long-distance or off-road riding.

The Bottom Line

The Trek Fetch+ electric bikes are an excellent choice for those seeking versatile micromobility options. With their impressive carrying capacity and customizable features, they provide a reliable and convenient solution for transporting children or cargo.

The Trek Fetch+ 4 is an electric cargo box bike that offers a high carrying capacity and the ability to connect with family members while providing a sustainable transportation alternative. With the powerful boost of the Bosch smart system and best-in-class handling and stability, this bike can confidently carry up to five children.

6 Reasons to Buy the Fetch+ 4

  • Customizable options for the Trek Fetch+ 4 electric cargo bike.

  • Significant carrying capacity, with the Fetch+ 4 able to carry up to 200kg and carry up to five children.

  • Priced comparably to leading electric cargo bikes.

  • High cargo carrying capacity and durable components make the Fetch+4 ideal for families.

  • Premium Bosch powertrain systems, a trusted brand in electric bike technology, offer high performance power and sustainable transportation alternatives.

  • Potential savings from eliminating recurring costs related to car ownership.

4 Reasons Not to Buy the Fetch+ 4

  • The design appeal of the Trek Fetch+ 4 falls short compared to rivals.

  • The Trek Fetch+ 4 lacks a throttle, which may be a disadvantage for some riders.

  • Customizable options for the Trek Fetch+ 4 is not as extensive as other brands.

  • The cost of the bikes is high, which may be a deterrent for some potential buyers.

The Bottom Line

The Trek Fetch+ series offers customizable options and impressive carrying capacity, making them perfect for families and those in need of a reliable cargo bike. With Bosch electric bike motors and high cargo-carrying capabilities, these bikes provide sustainable transportation alternatives and potential savings from eliminating car ownership costs.

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