May 19, 2023

Aventon Releases Upgraded Sinch.2 Folding Ebike

Aventon’s continues to beef up their fleet with key upgrades to their folding Sinch model

Over the past year, Aventon has been relentless with their product development, introducing their first cargo bike, the Aventure, which met and exceeded expectations of build quality and utility. The company has also begun to release updated versions of their flagship products such as the Pace 500, which brought some stand-out improvements to one of their best-sellers. Now, the Sinch folding, fat-tire model joins Aventon’s new generation of vehicles with a similar package of upgrades.

The most notable improvement that Aventon brought to the Sinch.2 is the torque sensor, which seems to come standard with all of the company’s new releases. Whereas the previous Sinch model operated with a cadence sensor that triggered the motor once the rider started pedaling, the new torque sensor will moderate the motor power based on the amount of pressure applied when pedaling. Torque sensors are becoming an important differentiating factor between higher and lower quality ebikes, simply because of the much smoother pedal-assist experience they offer compared to a typical cadence sensor. The torque sensor is complemented by quad-level custom pedal assist settings, as well as a throttle. Additionally, the new Sinch.2 includes rear turn signal lights - another upcoming Aventon staple. The new signals, combined with some slightly smoother fat-tires than the previous model, make the Sinch.2 a fully road-ready ebike.

All of these new changes may distract from the fact that this is a folding ebike, which makes it a great option for city-dwellers who need to save some space when they’re not riding. Oh, and speaking of folding, Aventon also went ahead and upgraded the folding mechanism on the new Sinch. It’s safe to say at this point that when Aventon promises an “upgraded” model, they really mean it.

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