September 14, 2023

🚢 Harley Finally Ships LiveWire Del Mar

Plus, Rad Power goes all-in on UL-certified batteries.

By Micromobility Industries

What You Need to Know Today

It’s finally happening. After numerous delays, the highly anticipated LiveWire Del Mar electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson is at last being delivered to U.S. customers. The S2 Del Mar claims 113 miles (181 km) of range and goes from 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) in just 3.1 seconds. 

On this week’s episode of Ride On! James and Julia talk to venture investor Patrick Wirth of Baloise Group, a 160-year-old Swiss insurance group, about why he is betting that the future of mobility is urban, electric, and shared. 

Ride1Up’s Roadster V2 Gravel Edition ebike is being retrofitted with a throttle, an optional accessory that the company believes many American customers will appreciate. The bike normally has an expected range of 30 miles (48 km), but the use of a throttle will likely deplete the battery faster. The addition also increases the price of the bike, but at $1,345 it’s still an attractive deal. 

Following a spate of fires caused by uncertified batteries, Rad Power Bikes, one of the biggest providers of ebikes in North America, says it will only produce UL-certified ebikes going forward.

The Heybike Tyson is a brand new, full suspension, folding ebike with a 750W hub motor that provides a range of 55 miles (88.5 km) on a single charge. The bike reaches a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph) and its tough magnesium alloy frame can support 400 lbs (181 kg).

The F77, made by Indian manufacturer Ultraviolette, just broke the record for long-distance travel by an electric motorcycle, covering 4,200 miles (6,759 km) in just 22 days.

Meanwhile, another Indian OEM, Abzo, has revealed its first production model, an electric motorcycle claiming a range of 112.5 miles (180 km) with a moderate charging time of just over three hours. The two-wheeler comes fitted front and rear disc brakes and a rear hub motor delivering 8.4 horsepower.

Berlin-based micromobility startup Naon just revealed their latest model, the Lucy, which be released in two different models, the L1e, an electric moped, and the L3e, a light motorcycle. The Lucy will come equipped with a seven kilowatt hub motor and a power pack claiming a range of 100 miles (160 km) on a single charge.

Peak Design’s new phone mount system for motorcycles has a “vibration isolator system” that can handle high-speed and off-road rides.

Power tool maker Greenworks has revealed its new lineup of ebikes, go-karts, and an e-UTV that run on the same batteries as their other products. The new line of products includes several fun vehicles with fat tires and full suspension to handle rough-riding, all coming with the same battery that powers a handheld drill.

Pave’s flagship motorbike, the Pave BK, is a high-tech, street-legal electric two-wheeler with up to 50 miles (80 km) of range, a top speed of 30 mph (48 kph), and a 3,000W hub motor. (Heads up: You can try the Pave bike for yourself at the demo area at Micromobility America next month…) 

JackRabbit, maker of an ebike that’s so small you can legally fly with it, is scaling up its product line. The company’s newer, larger XG model will have twice the range of the original (20 miles, or 32 km) as well as a bigger 500W motor and a second disc brake.

The ebike maker Cyrusher is headed to the beach. The company just unveiled its first electric surfboard, a wild new piece of tech that reaches a top speed of 44 mph (70 kph). Will we see more micromobility companies starting to develop microwatercrafts? Only time will tell… 

True life: “I wired up my bike’s GPS to order me pizza during a gravel race.”

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