September 1, 2023

Heybike Tyson Electric Bike Review

An in-depth look at the versatile and rugged new two-wheeler.

In the rapidly growing ebike market, manufacturers are continuously searching for ways to set their bikes apart from the rest of the field, spurring more creativity and motivation to improve functionality and accessibility. A common deterrent for people who may be interested in purchasing an ebike is that they can be difficult to store and transport. To address this concern, bike makers everywhere began developing folding bike models.

We recently took a look at one of the latest folding bike models to hit the market: the Heybike Tyson, a versatile and rugged new ebike with a range of remarkable features.

First of all, the convenience of the bike's foldability cannot be overstated. The bike is easy to store and if the rider wants to stow it in the car, it folds easily in seconds. The Heybike Tyson also has full suspension, allowing it to smoothly absorb impact, making on and off-road riding more enjoyable. It's powered by a 750W brushless geared hub motor and a high-capacity 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, giving the Tyson a range of up to 55 miles (88.5 km).

Simply put, the Heybike Tyson is big, strong, and fast. It has a tough magnesium alloy frame built to support a load capacity of up to 400 lbs (181 kg) and reaches a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph). It also comes with an extensive array of features like a rear rack, turn signals, fenders, and hydraulic brakes, to name a few. on top of that, the bike pairs with a mobile app where you can customize your bike's settings and track its location.

One area of improvement on the bike could be its pedal assist feature which seemed to lag slightly in its response time.

Bottom line: Watch Lauren's 1 Minute Ride Review video above if you are interested in the vehicle and if you want to dig in more, check out all the amazing reviews of the Heybike Tyson from other expert reviewers below.

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What other reviewers are saying

7 Reasons to Buy the Heybike Tyson

  • Remarkable features such as hydraulic disc brakes, full LED lighting, rear rack, and fender set
  • Built-in turn signals, loud horn, fat tires, comfortable saddle, and front and rear suspension
  • Powerful 750W brushless geared hub motor and high-capacity 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Foldable for easy transportation and sturdy build quality
  • Impressive 750W electric motor, range of up to 55 miles, and top speed of 28 mph
  • Powerful motor, sleek design, and multifunctionality
  • Charismatic design, powerful performance, comprehensive safety features, remarkable comfort, and good value for money

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Heybike Tyson

  • Lack of nimbleness due to fat tires and springy suspension
  • Unsettling when battery runs low and visually challenging to read in full sun



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Bottom Line

The Heybike Tyson is an impressive micromobility vehicle that offers a powerful and comfortable riding experience. With its remarkable features, such as hydraulic disc brakes, full LED lighting, and built-in turn signals, it provides comprehensive safety and convenience. The foldable design and sturdy build quality make transportation a breeze. The powerful 750W electric motor, high-capacity battery, and impressive range of up to 55 miles ensure a thrilling ride while maintaining long-lasting performance. Although there may be some minor quality control concerns and challenges with charging and battery replacement, the Heybike Tyson still delivers remarkable value for money. Overall, this charismatic and multifunctional vehicle is a fantastic choice for those seeking power, comfort, and style in their micromobility option.


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Product FAQs

What is the Heybike Tyson designed for?

The Heybike Tyson is designed for versatility, merging urban commuting with off-road capabilities. It's suitable for neighborhood cruising, off-road trails, mountain biking, gravel paths, and urban commuting.

What type of motor does the Heybike Tyson have?

It is equipped with a 750W brushless geared hub motor.

What is the range of the Heybike Tyson on a single charge?

The Heybike Tyson has a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge.

What are the drawbacks of the Heybike Tyson?

Some users have reported a lack of nimbleness due to fat tires and springy suspension, and some visibility challenges of the multifunction display in bright sunlight.

Is the Heybike Tyson a class 3 eBike?

Yes, the Heybike Tyson is classified as a Class 3 electric bike.

Does the Heybike Tyson have a removable battery?

Yes, it comes with a high-capacity 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery that is removable.

What are the safety features of the Heybike Tyson?

Safety features include hydraulic disc brakes, full LED lighting, rear rack, fender set, built-in turn signals, and a loud horn.

Can the Heybike Tyson be easily transported?

Yes, the Heybike Tyson has a foldable design which makes it convenient for transportation and storage.

How much does the Heybike Tyson cost?

The Heybike Tyson is priced at $1,699.

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