April 7, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 🤑 Specialized’s Most Affordable eBike Yet

Plus, Cowboy giveaway, Eunorau's 220-mile range bike, and Cake sells like hotcakes.

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What You Need to Know Today

Specialized has released the Globe Haul ST - the most affordable utility eBike yet from one of the world’s most popular producers. The release marks the rebirth of the Globe Bikes brand (an offshoot of Specialized from the 1990s) with a new focus on creating eBikes with enough utility function to replace car trips. Sporting a custom-tuned motor, 60 miles of range, and a hefty 419 pound carrying capacity (with some unusual cargo add-ons), the Globe Haul ST is a car-beating machine.

Cake’s order book is looking pretty full these days. The Swedish electric motorcycle maker announced agreements to ship 1,500 bikes to Greece, 50,000 bikes to Mexico, and a whopping 150,000 bikes to China.

SONDORS, another electric motorcycle maker, is on a hot streak too. Within a week of dropping the price of its Metacycle by nearly 40%, the company moved 2,000 units.

Apollo’s new 41-mph Phantom electric scooter balances the need for speed with enhanced control in the form of its new MACH1 controller.

Remember the new eMTB that Audi recently announced? Apparently it is going to cost over $10,000…

The 125cc-equivalent Rigger will be the first electric motorcycle in Barcelona-based Leonart’s roster.

Backed by McLaren Applied, this British startup is using F1 technology to build a speedy, fast-folding scooter that costs £5,000.

Italy-based Thok is diversifying its eMTB lineup with the enduro-focused Gram and Gram RC.

Able to cover 207 miles on a full charge, the Brisk EV claims to be the longest-range moped in India.

Speaking of going the distance, Eunora just unveiled Flash, a moped-style eBike that is capable of traveling up to 220 miles on a single charge thanks to a crazy three-battery setup. To put that in perspective, this bike could (hypothetically) get you from Boston to New York City, or Brussels to Paris, without needing to repower.

HOVSCO is out with a pair of new burly-tired bikes—the cargo-hauling HovWagon and the adventure-ready HovScout—that look pretty interesting.

If you’re a moto fan, you may recognize Zundapp as the German company that rose to prominence after WWII by making high-quality motorcycles. Now the brand is venturing into electric bikes with the foldable, affordable Z101.

This French designer made a cyberpunk mockup of Harley-Davidson’s Buell XBE, a discontinued fan favorite.

This outlandish electric scooter from Finland is made out of wood and makes an excellent snow mobile.

Who wants to buy us this $68,000 Tarform electric jet ski? It’s for… research.

Make sure to tune into Ride On! tomorrow. Cowboy’s Tanguy Goretti will be stopping by the show to talk about the new and improved C4 and C4 ST, and he will have a very special giveaway for one lucky viewer… subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss it.


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