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Rad Power Revamps the RadRunner with 3 Plus

March 1, 2023

Rad Power Bikes builds upon the beloved RadRunner utility ebike series with the launch of the upgraded RadRunner 3 Plus.

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March 1, 2023

Today, Rad Power Bikes is announcing the RadRunner 3 Plus, a utility ebike that the company is billing as “the do-it-all bike for do-it-all lives.”  

The RadRunner 3 Plus builds on the legacy of the popular RadRunner series with a stronger frame that is rated to carry 50 more lbs of people and cargo than the original, a more powerful 750W rear hub motor, a dual battery option offering up to 100 miles of range, and dual displays to feed the user real-time stats while they ride.  Perhaps most exciting of all, as part of the company’s renewed focus on safety, the RadRunner 3 Plus features hydraulic disc brakes instead of mechanical brakes, allowing you to stop quickly and safely. 

The RadRunner 3 Plus will be driven by a ½ twist throttle power and pedal assist.

In addition to the new bike, Rad Power is launching several new accessories that allow riders to carry cargo more easily and securely. The most exciting of which is the Rad Trailer, a two-wheeled cart that can be attached to the rear of any Rad Power vehicle for carrying groceries, gear, tools, and more. There’s even a soft crate you can buy for hauling pets. 

Of course, theft is always a concern with electric bikes, a threat that Rad Power aims to address by including a Fat Tire Wheel Lock with every RadRunner Plus 3. Rad is also introducing a locking hardshell box and panniers that will protect your valuables from both bad weather and bad actors. 

For 15 years, Rad Power Bikes has been laser-focused on expanding access to electric mobility with its innovative lineup of ebikes (and most recently, the new RadTrike). Today’s announcement proves the company shows no signs of slowing down. 

The RadRunner 3 Plus will retail for $2,499 and is available to order today. The Cargo Accessories will be available for order and pre-order from the Rad Power Bikes website

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7 Reasons to Buy the RadRunner 3 Plus

  • 350+ Accessory Combinations to customize the RadRunner 3 Plus for your needs
  • The frame-integrated extended rear rack offers ample space for cargo or an extra passenger 
  • More secure braking with hydraulic brakes and adjustable brake levers to fit a wide range of hand sizes
  • A low-step frame, suspension fork, and ergonomic saddle offer enhanced accessibility  and improved comfort for all types of riders. 
  • An optional dual battery can mount under the rear rack and provide up to 100 miles of range.

3 Reasons to Not Buy the RadRunner 3 Plus

  • If you’re looking for a cargo bike to carry multiple kids and gear, the compact size of the RadRunner may not be a little small. 
  • Looking for speed? The RadRunner 3 Plus is a Class 2 ebike with a maximum top speed of 20 mph.
  • The rear hub motor won’t provide quite as smooth of a pedal assist that a mid-drive motor will deliver.

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"We’re excited to see how each individual within our community customizes their ride."

Phil Molyneux

CEO, Rad Power Bikes

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Pre-orders available now

The RadRunner 3 Plus is now available for pre-order in the U.S. for $2,499.

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