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February 25, 2023

Rad Power Announces Rad Trike

Rad Power Bikes revealed a new product today that it says is its most requested model ever, and to the surprise of many, it’s not a bike at all, but an electric tricycle.

The RadTrike represents Rad Power first foray outside of the world of two-wheeled electric vehicles, an all-new product category that blurs the efficiency of a bike with the functionality of a car.

With the RadTrike, Rad Power is going after a largely untapped market: People who want a fun and active way to get around, but may not be fully comfortable riding a traditional electric bike. While the Seattle-based company’s ebikes (including the cargo-hauling RadWagon, the versatile RadRunner, and the trail-friendly RadRover) are popular among young commuters, one its main target customers is actually people over the age of 50. It’s easy to see why the stability and comfort of a trike might be appealing not only to an older cohort, but also riders of different experience levels and physical abilities.

Started as a bootstrapped company in 2007, Rad Power now counts over 600,000 customers globally. Its affordable, utility-driven ebikes, which are sold directly to consumer, are some of the best-selling models in North America.

In fact, after Tesla, there is a good argument to be made that Rad Power has shipped more electric vehicles than any other company in the U.S. Unlike Tesla, what Founder and Chairman MikeRadenbough has accomplished with Rad Power is much closer to what Henry Ford did in the 20th century: Create a fundamentally new paradigm that changes the way we move for the better.

The RadTrike, which is available to pre-order now, costs $2,499 and will begin shipping in January. Below you can learn more about the trike. And head here to watch Radenbaugh talk with our very own Oliver Bruce about Rad’s history, the new RadTrike, and what the future holds for himself and the company.

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8 Reasons to Buy the RadTrike

  • RadTrike features a 5-level Pedal Assist System (PAS) and an on-demand throttle.
  • The single-speed gearing, rear coaster brake, and front wheel disc brake simplify maintenance and operation for added peace of mind.
  • The generous step-thru frame and incorporated parking brake create a seamless on-and-off experience.
  • A large ergonomic saddle with a backrest and a sweeping handlebar allow riders to settle into a position that works for them.
  • The RadTrike’s steel frame results in a 415 lb total payload capacity and absorbs bumps in the road for maximum ride comfort.
  • It was designed to fit through most exterior doorways and features a simple reverse mode, so riders can easily navigate tight situations.
  • When traveling, it can be easily folded to fit into a vehicle or stored without taking up too much space.
  • The built-in rear rack and front rack mounts are compatible with the Rad Power Bikes line of baskets and accessories for full personalization

3 Reasons Not to Buy the RadTrike

  • Like any trike it takes time to get used to it
  • Some people say the seat is uncomfortable
  • While less expensive than a good portion of the market there are cheaper alternatives out there.


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Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a trike and you want one that is from an established brand name and at a fair price, the RadTrike could be the one for you.


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Watch Oliver Bruce interview Mike Radenbaugh, Founder of Rad Power Bikes about the new Rad Trike

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