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Updated: November, 2023


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If you're in the market for an electric bike that can handle any terrain and keep you cruising in style, look no further than the Radcity 5 High Step. We at Ride Review have combed through reviews from around the web to bring you an overview of this impressive e-bike. One reviewer took the Radcity 5 High Step for a test ride in Seattle and was blown away by its performance on steep hills. With its powerful 750W motor, this electric bike provides excellent acceleration, speed, and stability, making uphill climbs a breeze. In fact, Rad Power claims a 40% increase in hill climbing speed, and according to the reviewer, they believe it. The High Step model features a 7-speed gearing system that ensures easy pedaling and smooth shifting, making it a versatile option for any rider. Built with a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, the Radcity 5 High Step is durable and can withstand impact, while also being waterproof and corrosion-resistant. This attention to construction quality ensures that you'll have a reliable bike for years to come. Additionally, the e-bike is equipped with a spring fork suspension that not only supports the weight of the bike but also provides a comfortable and effortless ride on uphill climbs. Safety is a top priority with the Radcity 5 High Step. It features hydraulic disc brakes that allow for smooth and controlled stops, even at high speeds. This reduces the risk of jerking forward and provides peace of mind when navigating busy city streets. The bike also includes fenders to protect the wheels, allowing for smoother and faster rides in various weather conditions. The Radcity 5 High Step's battery is another standout feature. It charges quickly by connecting to standard power outlets commonly found in homes and offices. This means you won't have to worry about finding a specialized charging station and can easily refuel wherever you go. The backlit LCD screen provides essential information such as speed, battery life, and pedal assist level, without draining the battery. However, some reviewers noted that the lack of a dark mode option on the screen makes it difficult to view the stats in bright sunlight, which could be an inconvenience for some riders. Comfort is a priority with the Radcity 5 High Step. The handlebar and grip are ergonomically designed for a comfortable riding experience, and the imitation leather covering ensures durability in all weather conditions. However, one minor drawback is that the cockpit can be cable-heavy, which may get in the way of bushes while riding off-road. In terms of size, the Radcity 5 High Step is available in one size that fits riders between 5'4 and 6'5 in stature. While this covers a wide range of heights, it may not be the ideal option for those outside this range. The seat is mildly adjustable, but some riders may require additional customization to find the perfect fit. Overall, the Radcity 5 High Step is an impressive electric bike that offers a powerful and smooth ride. It's a reliable and dependable option for commuting, with the added versatility to handle more challenging terrain. With its practical features, durable construction, and comfortable design, it's no wonder that reviewers have hailed it as one of the best values in its class. So, whether you're a seasoned e-bike enthusiast or looking to dip your toes into the world of electric bikes, the Radcity 5 High Step is certainly worth considering.



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10 Reasons to Buy Radcity 5 High Step

  • The Radcity 5 High Step features 7-speed gearing that makes it easier to pedal, shift turns and keep the bike stable at downhill climbs.
  • The electric bike is powered by a 750W motor that balances speed, acceleration, and power so there's less risk of falling, better movement on paved roads, and greater chances of reaching top speed with ease.
  • The e-bike is integrated with a spring fork suspension that supports the weight of the bike, makes pedaling effortless on uphill climbs, and reduces strain on the rider's legs.
  • It is built with a 6061 aluminum frame, it is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and handles impact well.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes of the Radcity 5 High Step allow the bike to come to a gentle stop, even at high speeds, reducing the risk of jerking forward and hitting the pavement.
  • The Radcity 5 High Step battery charges to a full tank by connecting to standard 100V to 240V power outlets, commonly found in homes and offices.
  • The electric bike is outfitted with a backlit LCD screen that displays speed, battery life, odometer, and pedal assist level without draining the battery.
  • There are five pedal assist levels on the electric bike and it allows bike riders to control the speed of their pedaling and enjoy mild acceleration on paved roads and aggressive throttle on highways.
  • The wheels of the Radcity 5 High Step are protected by fenders, which allows for smoother and faster rides.
  • The handlebar and grip of the Radcity 5 High Step are ergonomic, which enhances the comfort of the rider, and are covered by imitation leather that works in all seasons and lasts long.

3 Reasons Not to Buy Radcity 5 High Step

  • The Radcity 5 High Step’s cockpit is cable-heavy and may get in the way of bushes while riding in the wild.
  • The e-bike is available in one size that fits riders of 5'4 to 6'5 stature only, and the seat is mildly adjustable.
  • The LCD screen does not have a dark mode option so it's difficult to view the speed, battery, and other stats in the sun.

Bottom Line

The Radcity 5 High Step or Plus is one of the best-performing and affordable electric bikes. It is intuitive enough to be simple for novice bike riders and feature-fed with power to satisfy the adrenaline of seasoned cyclists.


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