July 27, 2023

💖 Yes, Even Barbie eBikes

Plus, a Porsche-backed eMTB, Ola’s new S1 Air, and QuietKat’s moto-inspired ride.

By Micromobility Industries

5 Billion Riders?

Horace Dediu, coiner of the term “micromobility,” did an incredible presentation last month at Micromobility Europe, in which he laid out a radical new argument for why the total addressable market for small electric vehicles could be as large as 5 billion users, or twice the size of the global car market (key takeaway below).

You can now rewatch Horace’s keynote, along with dozens of other interesting presentations from our most recent event, on our YouTube channel. We are continually adding new content.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Horace’s next landmark presentation at Micromobility America in the SF Bay Area this Oct 19-20, where he’ll be joined onstage by +100 policy experts, industry pioneers, and thought-leaders. Tickets are on sale now for 70% off.

What You Need to Know Today

Have you heard the buzz about the Sur-Ron Light Bee X? How about the Ultra Bee, or the Storm Bee? If not, don’t sweat - we’ve got a full roundup of Sur-Ron’s electric motorbikes in our most recent guide on Ride Review.

Is it too late to hop on the Barbie craze? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve been inundated with memes and marketing ploys for the hot-pink Mattel movie, which made its blockbuster debut last weekend. But there’s one easteregg from the film that you might have missed, which is that the ebike brand Super73 makes a surprise cameo for a brief moment.

Speaking of moto-inspired ebikes, QuietKat just revealed their new Lynx ebike, which includes two speed settings and a powerful 1000 watt rear hub motor.

Scooter maker Ausom just released their new Leopard model, which features front and rear suspension as well as a 1000 watt brushless motor that tops out at 32 mph. 

The Iris is a three-wheeled enclosed EV that is currently being tested (by an actual astronaut) before heading into mass productions. Check out this new interview with inventor Grant Sinclair about how this Space Age vehicle came to be.

Spain-based Rose Bikes recently released the Backroad AL Plus gravel bike, an electric version of their versatile Backroad AL. 

French startup La Rochelle just released a new catamaran called the IZIBoat, which is designed to collapse down and be towed by an ebike. 

In a similar vein, check out Hupi, a Finnish-designed, solar powered camper that can be transported by electric bike. Not only can this camper power itself, the solar cells can also be used to recharge your bike. 

This winter KTM plans to release their Machina Gravelator ebike, sibling to the existing Machina Revelator road ebike. The Gravelator will feature the new Bosch Performance Line SX motor, and will be available in carbon and aluminum frame options. 

Bergamot is releasing a new E-Grandurance gravel ebike line, which includes four models that offer varying levels of utility and performance. 

UBCO just launched their first rental hub in a shipping container in Portland, Oregon, which will allow riders to try UBCO’s motorbikes before they buy. 

Trek has adapted their Fuel line to be more budget friendly with the release of the Fuel EXe Alloy, which offers the same features and geometry as its siblings, but in an aluminum alloy frame rather than high-grade carbon fiber.  

Similarly, Intense Bikes is returning to aluminum frames with their new Tazer Alloy electric mountain bike.

Tomorrow Ola Electric is releasing their highly anticipated S1 Air, a no-frills version of their S1 scooter which is available at a lower price of $1,464 USD. 

My Boo just released the new My Akorta electric mountain bike, which includes front suspension, a high-performing Shimano EP8 motor, and a frame made entirely of bamboo. 

The new Cafe Racer electric motorcycle from Revolve offers a tasteful blend of classic and modern style, with a 60 mph top speed that’s city street-ready. 

Porsche-owned bike company Greyp just introduced the Zaney electric mountain bike, their first release after joining forces with the German car company. 

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