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If you're in the market for an electric bike that combines power, convenience, and versatility, look no further than the FOLDTAN M-160. This step-through foldable electric bike from Addmotor has received rave reviews for its impressive features and performance. First and foremost, the FOLDTAN M-160 boasts a built-in battery and torque sensor, ensuring a convenient and smooth ride. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around a separate battery pack. With the FOLDTAN M-160, you'll enjoy a seamless riding experience. The folding mechanism of this e-bike has also been simplified, making it effortless to fold and unfold when you need to transport or store it. And with its U-shape handlebar, you can ride in comfort, even on longer journeys. Equipped with a powerful 750W motor and a long-lasting 48V \* 20AH battery, the FOLDTAN M-160 offers enhanced power and an extended range. No longer will you have to worry about running out of battery during your rides. One standout feature of this e-bike is its 20-inch wide fat tires, which provide all-terrain suitability. Whether you're cruising on city streets or tackling off-road trails, the FOLDTAN M-160 can handle it all. In addition to its performance capabilities, the FOLDTAN M-160 is designed with eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness in mind. With minimal repairs and maintenance charges, you can save both time and money while enjoying the benefits of this high-quality e-bike. Speaking of quality, the FOLDTAN M-160 is built to last. With its robust build and reliable components, you can trust that this e-bike will withstand the test of time. Not only does the FOLDTAN M-160 deliver on performance and durability, but it also offers a sleek design and advanced pedal-assist technology for an enhanced riding experience. And with its robust battery, you can enjoy extended mileage on each charge. While the FOLDTAN M-160 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, it's important to note a couple of potential drawbacks. Some users have mentioned that the e-bike is slightly heavy, which may affect its portability. Additionally, the battery charge time is said to be lengthy. However, considering the overall performance, comfort, and safety features, these minor inconveniences are outweighed by the benefits of the FOLDTAN M-160. In summary, the FOLDTAN M-160 from Addmotor is a top-choice electric bike that offers power, convenience, and versatility. Its built-in battery and torque sensor provide a smooth ride, while the simplified folding mechanism and U-shape handlebar add comfort. With a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and all-terrain tires, the FOLDTAN M-160 is ready for any adventure. Its eco-friendly and low-cost design, along with its high-quality build, make it a worthwhile investment.



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9 Reasons to Buy the FOLDTAN M-160

  • Built-in battery and torque sensor for a convenient and smooth ride
  • Simplified folding mechanism and U-shape handlebar for added comfort
  • Powerful 750W motor and long-lasting 48V * 20AH battery for enhanced power and extended range
  • 20-inch wide fat tires for all-terrain suitability
  • Eco-friendly and low-cost design, with minimal repairs and maintenance charges
  • High quality build and components for a durable and reliable e-bike
  • Sleek design and advanced pedal-assist technology for an enhanced riding experience
  • Robust battery for extended mileage
  • Performance, comfort, and safety features make it a worthwhile investment

2 Reasons Not to Buy the FOLDTAN M-160

  • Slightly heavy, which may affect portability
  • Lengthy battery charge time

Bottom Line

The FOLDTAN M-160 is a top-notch micromobility vehicle that delivers on performance, comfort, and reliability. With its built-in battery and torque sensor, simplified folding mechanism, and U-shape handlebar, this e-bike offers a convenient and smooth ride. The powerful motor and long-lasting battery provide enhanced power, extended range, and robust mileage. Its all-terrain suitability, sleek design, and advanced pedal-assist technology make it an exceptional choice for riders. While it may be slightly heavy and have a lengthy battery charge time, these minor drawbacks are easily outweighed by the overall benefits of this eco-friendly and low-cost vehicle. Investing in the FOLDTAN M-160 is a wise decision for those seeking a high-quality and durable micromobility option.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FOLDTAN M-160

What class does the FOLDTAN M-160 eBike fall under?

The FOLDTAN M-160 is classified as a Class 1 eBike.
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What features contribute to the comfortable riding experience on the FOLDTAN M-160?

A U-shape handlebar design, Addshox front suspension fork, and 7-level pedal assist with a torque sensor contribute to a comfortable riding experience.

Is there any feedback on the weight of the FOLDTAN M-160 eBike, and how much does it weigh?

Some users have mentioned that the eBike is slightly heavy, which may affect its portability. The FOLDTAN M-160 weighs approximately 81.57 pounds (37 kg).

Does the FOLDTAN M-160 eBike come with any pre-installed lighting?

Yes, the FOLDTAN M-160 comes with front and rear lights, which are powered by the main battery pack.

Are there any known drawbacks of the FOLDTAN M-160 eBike?

Though minor, the known drawbacks are its slightly heavier weight, which may affect portability, and a lengthy battery charge time.

How easy is it to fold the FOLDTAN M-160 for storage or transportation?

The folding mechanism of the FOLDTAN M-160 has been simplified to make it effortless to fold and unfold, which is convenient for transport and storage.

What is the rider height range the FOLDTAN M-160 eBike is suitable for?

The FOLDTAN M-160 eBike is suitable for riders within the height range of 5'2" to 6'3".

What type of bike is the FOLDTAN M-160, and what makes it special?

The FOLDTAN M-160 is a step-through foldable electric bike that features a 48V 750W rear hub brushless motor and a 48V 20AH lithium-ion battery pack. It is special because it has a built-in battery and torque sensor for a smooth ride, seven levels of pedal assist, and a hydraulic disc braking system. It also has 20-inch wide fat tires suitable for all terrains.

How long will the battery last on a single charge, and what is the maximum range of the eBike?

The FOLDTAN M-160 eBike's 48V 20AH battery pack offers an extended range, with a maximum range of up to 100 miles (160.934 km) on a single charge.

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