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BB Packer Handlebar Bag

Updated: November, 2023


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Here at Ride Review, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect handlebar bag for your needs. That's why we've scoured the web to bring you an overview of the BB Packer Handlebar Bag - 5 L from Arkel. The BB Packer Handlebar Bag is a small and compact bag that is specifically designed for touring. It offers a convenient solution for storing a variety of items while keeping them easily accessible during your rides. With a storage capacity of 5 liters, this bag strikes a balance between providing enough space for your essentials while maintaining a streamlined and unobtrusive profile. One of the standout features of this handlebar bag is its waterproof construction. You can rest assured knowing that your belongings will stay dry, even in the toughest weather conditions. This makes it an excellent option for bikepacking or any outdoor adventure where unpredictable weather may be a factor. Attaching the bag to your handlebars is a breeze thanks to the quick web loop handlebar attachment system with a cam release. Arkel has designed this system to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a secure and stable connection to your bike. Whether you prefer to attach it to the steer tube, stem, or fork crown, the lower web loop adjusts on the bag's vertical daisy chain for added stability. While the overall design and functionality of the BB Packer Handlebar Bag receive high praise from reviewers, it's worth noting that some users found the magnetic closure to be a bit fiddly. However, this seems to be a minor inconvenience that does not detract significantly from the bag's overall performance. Proudly made in Canada, the Arkel BB Packer Handlebar Bag offers a reliable and versatile solution for carrying your gear on your biking adventures. With its waterproof construction, convenient attachment system, and compact design, this handlebar bag is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their touring experience. At a price point of $109.99, this bag delivers on its promises and comes highly recommended by users. So, whether you're planning a long-distance tour or simply need a reliable way to carry your essentials on your daily commute, the BB Packer Handlebar Bag from Arkel might just be the perfect accessory for you.

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4 Reasons to Buy the BB Packer Handlebar Bag

  • Small, compact, and convenient for touring
  • Can be used to store a variety of items
  • Fully waterproof
  • Easy to attach to handlebars using Velcro straps

2 Reasons Not to Buy the BB Packer Handlebar Bag

  • Magnetic closure may be fiddly for some users
  • Slightly expensive

Bottom Line

The BB Packer Handlebar Bag is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a small and convenient storage solution while touring. With its compact size and waterproof design, it can safely store a variety of items and keep them protected from the elements. Additionally, its easy attachment to handlebars using Velcro straps makes it a breeze to install. While some users may find the magnetic closure a bit fiddly, the overall benefits of this handlebar bag make it a smart investment for any adventurer on two wheels.


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