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If you're in the market for a frame bag that is 100% waterproof, the Frame Bags from Arkel Bike Bags are an excellent choice. These frame bags have received rave reviews from experts and users alike, thanks to their superb build quality and excellent ride. They are designed with a unique attachment system that keeps the bag under tension, allowing for easy zipper action and quick access to your gear. One of the standout features of the Frame Bags is the integrated mounting system, which effectively eliminates sway. This means that even when you're riding through rough terrain, the bag will stay securely in place without bouncing around. This is a significant advantage for those who value stability and want to ensure that their gear remains in place no matter the riding conditions. Another key feature of the Frame Bags is their compatibility with dropper posts. Many riders prefer to use dropper posts for added versatility on their bikes, and these frame bags are designed to accommodate that. You don't have to sacrifice the convenience of a dropper post in order to use these bags, making them a great option for riders who value both functionality and storage capacity. Made in Canada, the Frame Bags are hand-sewn in Arkel Bike Bags' production facility in Sherbrooke. This attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in their build quality, and it further contributes to their reputation for durability and reliability. While there's no doubt that the Frame Bags offer exceptional performance and functionality, it's important to note that they come with a higher price tag than some other options on the market. Additionally, the bags do add some extra weight to your bike. However, for riders who prioritize quality and performance, these factors may be worth the investment. Overall, the Frame Bags from Arkel Bike Bags are a top choice for riders in need of attached bike luggage. Their 100% waterproof design, superb build quality, and integrated mounting system make them a standout option. Despite the high cost and added weight, these frame bags offer unbeatable performance and reliability for riders who demand the best.

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5 Reasons to Buy the Frame Bags - 100% waterproof

  • Superb build quality
  • Excellent ride
  • Integrated mounting system eliminates sway
  • Top choice for attached bike luggage
  • Suitable for use with a dropper post

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Frame Bags - 100% waterproof

  • High cost
  • Extra weight

Bottom Line

The Frame Bags is a top-of-the-line option for attached bike luggage, providing excellent build quality and superb ride experience. With its waterproof feature, it offers peace of mind even in the most unpredictable weather conditions. Although it comes with a higher price tag and adds some extra weight, the integrated mounting system eliminates any potential sway, making it a reliable choice for those seeking durability and convenience. Overall, the Frame Bags is a worthwhile investment for avid riders looking to enhance their cycling adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Frame Bags - 100% waterproof

Is there a weight penalty for using the Arkel Frame Bags?

Yes, the Frame Bags add some extra weight to your bike.
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Is the Frame Bag from Arkel completely waterproof?

Yes, the Frame Bags from Arkel are 100% waterproof.

How much does the Arkel Frame Bag cost?

The Frame Bag is priced at $129.99.

What makes the Frame Bags from Arkel a top choice for attached bike luggage?

The Frame Bags are highly regarded for their superb build quality, excellent ride, sway-eliminating integrated mounting system, and compatibility with dropper posts.

Does the bag's design prevent sway during a ride?

Yes, the Frame Bags feature an integrated mounting system that eliminates sway during rides.

Where are the Frame Bags from Arkel made?

The Frame Bags are hand-sewn in Arkel's production facility in Sherbrooke, Canada.

How does the bag's attachment system work?

The bag uses an attachment strap system that keeps it under tension for easy zipper action, eliminating the need for large velcros and preventing interference with top tube packs.

Can the Frame Bags be used with a dropper post?

Yes, the Frame Bags are compatible with dropper posts.

Are there any downsides to the Frame Bags?

The main downsides noted are the high cost and the extra weight of the bags.

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