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Energica Eva Ribelle

Updated: September, 2023


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If you're looking for a high-performance electric motorcycle that delivers a thrilling ride, the Energica Eva Ribelle is worth considering. We at Ride Review have combed through a range of reviews to bring you an overview of this impressive machine. One of the standout features of the Eva Ribelle is its noiseless motor, which allows for a relaxed and serene ride. Riders have praised this aspect, as it adds to the overall enjoyment of the bike. Additionally, the slow-speed reverse mode is a practical feature that makes parking a breeze. The Eva Ribelle offers four power modes, catering to different riding conditions. Whether you're in the mood for a sporty ride, navigating urban streets, riding in the rain, or conserving energy with an eco mode, this motorcycle has you covered. Navigating the bike's features is made easy with the non-intuitive menu displayed on the color screen on the handlebars. You'll have access to all the important details about your ride, right at your fingertips. When it comes to handling, the Eva Ribelle excels. The wide, flat handlebars make turning and maneuvering the bike an effortless experience. The comfortable and natural riding position is a welcome feature, as you won't have to endure a crouched-over posture. In terms of comfort, the Pirelli tires on the Eva Ribelle provide a smooth and enjoyable ride, even at high speeds. Paired with the Brembo radial brakes, the bike offers exceptional stopping power, ensuring safety and control on the road. To enhance convenience, the Eva Ribelle comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. This allows riders to seamlessly integrate their phones and utilize GPS navigation for a more enjoyable and efficient riding experience. While the Eva Ribelle has garnered widespread praise, it's important to note a few drawbacks. Firstly, the motorcycle's high price tag may make it unattainable for some riders. Additionally, the noiseless motor, while a positive feature, can sometimes give the impression that the bike is turned off when it's actually on. Lastly, the bike's weight may pose challenges when it comes to transportation and maneuvering. In summary, the Energica Eva Ribelle offers an exhilarating and smooth ride, complemented by its advanced features and comfortable design. If you're open to something different and are looking for a powerful electric motorcycle, this top-tier option is worth considering. Just be prepared for the investment and keep in mind the bike's weight and the potential confusion with the noiseless motor.



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10 Reasons to Buy the Vehicle

  • The motor on the bike is completely noiseless, allowing a relaxed ride.
  • Slow-speed reverse mode allows the rider to park without any problem.
  • There are four power modes so riders can choose between sport, urban, rain, and eco.
  • There is a non-intuitive menu on the color display on the handlebars, which shows all details regarding your drive.
  • The wide, flat handlebars make turning and riding the bike extra easy and safe.
  • The motorcycle allows you to sit in a comfortable, natural position, so you do not have to be crouched over the frame.
  • The Pirelli tires on this bike make it extremely comfortable to ride, even at high speeds.
  • The motorcycle comes equipped with Brembo radial brakes that allow you to lower the speed and stop the bike within seconds.
  • There are six levels of traction control on this bike.
  • You can use the built-in Bluetooth and GPS to make your trips more convenient.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Vehicle

  • This motorcycle is extremely expensive, so it might be unattainable for some people.
  • The noiseless motor could trick riders into thinking the motorcycle is turned off when it is actually turned on.
  • The motorcycle is heavy, so it is difficult to transport and push around.

Bottom Line

Even though the Energica Eva Ribelle is quite expensive and heavy, it is still one of the greatest electric motorcycles we have ever seen. It allows you to feel comfortable while riding at high speed and on various terrain. What more could you want from an e-motorbike?


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