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Updated: September, 2023


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As a reviewer at Ride Review, I've had the chance to dig deep into the world of electric skateboards and micromobility vehicles. And let me tell you, the Evolve Stoke electric skateboard caught my attention from the get-go. Picture this: you're cruising down the streets, wind in your hair, and a smile on your face. The Stoke is the perfect companion for those short commutes and leisurely rides. With its surf-inspired swallow tail design, this pocket-rocket-sized slasher is a true joy to ride. Let's dive into the specs. The Stoke offers a range of up to 10 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for those quick errand runs or zipping around campus. And don't be fooled by its compact size – this board can climb up to a jaw-dropping 30% gradient. The 4-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass deck give it the perfect combination of strength and flex, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. Plus, with the dual 1500 watt motors and Caguamas street tires, you'll experience a level of power and traction that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. But what about the overall build and design? Fear not, my fellow riders. The Stoke boasts a truly fantastic build quality, with attention to detail that shows Evolve's commitment to rider satisfaction. The powerful motors and double kingpin trucks provide stability and control, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain. And let's not forget about the ceramic bearings – similar to those found in the GTR – that add an extra level of smoothness to your ride. One of the standout features of the Stoke is its travel-safe battery. You can easily store and transport this board without any hassle, making it ideal for those who are constantly on the move. And with features like a headlight, LCD display, kickstand, tubeless tire system, Bluetooth connectivity, regenerative braking, and a remote control with an LCD display, you'll have all the tools you need to customize your ride and make it truly your own. Now, I must mention a small drawback. The new components of the Stoke have added a bit of weight to the board, coming in at 21 lbs. However, when you consider the improved design and ride quality, this minor inconvenience is worth the trade-off. Overall, the Evolve Stoke electric skateboard is a fantastic choice for those looking for a high-quality mini-board that delivers on performance and style. Its range, power, and maneuverability make it a viable alternative for short commutes and leisurely rides. With its excellent build, design, and ride quality, it offers great value for the price. Just be mindful of the weight if portability is a top priority for you. So, why wait? Jump on the Stoke and experience the joy of electric skateboarding like never before. Ride on!


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13 Reasons to Buy the Stoke

  • Improved design and ride quality
  • Viable alternative for short commutes and errand runs
  • High-quality mini-board with a range of 10 miles
  • Can climb up to a 30% gradient
  • 4-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass deck
  • Dual 1500 watt motors
  • Caguamas street tires for a smoother ride
  • Great build, design, and ride quality
  • Great value
  • Powerful motors and double kingpin trucks
  • Ceramic bearings similar to the GTR
  • Travel safe battery
  • Easy storage and transport

1 Reasons Not to Buy the Stoke

  • Heavier weight due to new components

Bottom Line

The Stoke micromobility vehicle is a game-changer for short commutes and errand runs. With its improved design, high-quality mini-board, and powerful dual motors, it offers a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Stoke's ability to climb up to a 30% gradient and its Caguamas street tires ensure a reliable and comfortable journey. Despite being slightly heavier due to its new components, the Stoke's great build, design, and ride quality, as well as its easy storage and transport capabilities, make it a fantastic value for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient mode of transportation.


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