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Glion Dolly 225

Updated: September, 2023


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When it comes to micromobility, finding a vehicle that balances durability, reliability, and portability can be a challenge. That's where the Glion Dolly 225 comes in. With its safe and practical design, this electric scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride while being incredibly easy to fold and carry. One of the standout features of the Glion Dolly 225 is its durability. It's built to withstand the rigors of daily commuting and provides a reliable ride every time. The front fork suspensions ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, even on less-than-ideal road surfaces. And with a maximum rider weight capacity of 260 lbs (118 kg), it can accommodate a wide range of users. Safety is also a top priority with the Glion Dolly 225. It comes equipped with a rear tail light and a front headlamp, making it visible and safe for nighttime travel. Additionally, all components and controls, including the display, are waterproof, allowing you to ride confidently in various weather conditions. Portability is where the Glion Dolly 225 truly shines. Weighing in at just the right weight, it's easy to carry and maneuver. When folded, it can be conveniently rolled like a roller bag suitcase, making it effortless to bring on public transportation or store in tight spaces. Reviews from users and experts alike have praised the Glion Dolly 225 for its ease of use and affordability. It's been described as one of the most portable electric scooters on the market, making it a favorite among those who value convenience and practicality. The 1-second foot-activated folding mechanism adds to the overall user-friendly experience. There are a few trade-offs to consider with the Glion Dolly 225. The dolly tires, while durable, won't provide the same grip and cushioning as pneumatic ones, so it may not be the best option for rough roads. Additionally, some users have noted that the scooter can be a little noisy on uneven surfaces. Lastly, charging the Glion Dolly 225 fully takes approximately 3.5 hours, so it's important to plan accordingly for longer rides. Overall, the Glion Dolly 225 offers a compelling solution for those seeking a reliable, portable, and affordable electric scooter. With its durable design, smooth ride, and practical folding mechanism, it's a great option for commuters and urban dwellers looking to navigate their city with ease.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Glion Dolly 225

  • It has a safe, durable, and reliable design.
  • Front fork suspensions ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • It comes with a rear tail light and a front headlamp, making it safe to travel at night.
  • It is lightweight and practical for easy portability.
  • When folded, you can walk with it like a roller bag suitcase.
  • Holds up to a maximum of 260 lb. (118 kg) rider weight.
  • It has a 1-second foot-activated folding mechanism.
  • It comes with a pedestrian bell.
  • All components and controls, including the display, are waterproof.
  • It is very energy-efficient.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Glion Dolly 225

  • Dolly tires will not grip as well as pneumatic (air-filled) ones, and provide no cushioning for rough roads.
  • The scooter is a little noisy when riding on rough roads.
  • It takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully.

Bottom Line

If you need an e-scooter to cover small smooth distances, then this will be your best option. It's easy to carry around, lightweight, and has a pretty good battery. For what it’s worth, if it fulfills your needs, then the Glion Dolly 225 is the best way to go.


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