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Updated: November, 2023


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At Ride Review, we understand the importance of keeping your bike secure without sacrificing convenience. That's why we've taken the time to dig through various reviews to bring you an overview of the HIPLOK DXC bike lock. The HIPLOK DXC is a compact D lock designed to provide maximum security for your bike. Its compact size and portability make it easy to carry and transport, and its robust built quality ensures durability. The hardened steel shackle provides a high level of security, giving you peace of mind when leaving your bike unattended. One of the standout features of the DXC is its weather protection, making it suitable for outdoor use. It has been awarded Sold Secure's highest Gold rating, providing additional reassurance of its security capabilities. With the DXC, convenience is key. It features the CLIP + RIDE system, allowing you to easily clip the lock to belts, waistbands, bags, or pockets. This makes it incredibly convenient for riders who don't want to carry a backpack or bag while cycling. While the DXC has received high praise from reviewers, there are some points to consider. Some testers have raised concerns about its performance on the tensile test, and there have been a few reports that the DX wearable u-lock may not offer enough security for some users. Additionally, the DXC's compact size may be too small for some individuals, and the D1000 lock is heavier and bulkier than standard locks. However, these minor shortcomings should not overshadow the benefits of the DXC. Its lightweight design and integrated cable for accessories make it a versatile option for riders looking for a balance between security and convenience. It is particularly well-suited for city dwellers who value portability and ease of use. In conclusion, the HIPLOK DXC is a high-security bicycle lock that offers a unique combination of practicality and security. Its compact size, ease of transport, and robust built quality make it an excellent choice for riders who prioritize convenience without compromising on security.

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6 Reasons to Buy the DXC

  • Compact size and portability make it easy to carry and transport
  • Robust built quality ensures durability
  • Hardened steel shackle provides high-level security
  • Good weather protection for outdoor use
  • Awarded Sold Secure's highest Gold rating for additional reassurance
  • Lightweight design for convenience

6 Reasons Not to Buy the DXC

  • Performance on tensile test may be a concern
  • DX Wearable U-Lock may not offer enough security for some testers
  • DXC may be too small for some users
  • D1000 lock is heavier and bulkier than standard locks
  • DX wearable u-lock may not be comfortable to carry and restricts locking options
  • Minor shortcomings in terms of carry comfort and limited bike structure compatibility

Bottom Line

The DXC micromobility vehicle is the perfect choice for those seeking a compact, portable, and secure option for their transportation needs. Its robust built quality and hardened steel shackle ensure durability and high-level security. Additionally, the DXC offers good weather protection and has been awarded Sold Secure's highest Gold rating for added peace of mind. With its lightweight design and convenient size, the DXC is a reliable and accessible choice for anyone on the go. Although there may be minor shortcomings in terms of carry comfort and compatibility with certain bike structures, the DXC's overall benefits make it a worthwhile investment.


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