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Updated: November, 2023


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Introducing the Home Silver Chain Lock by HIPLOK, a high-security bike lock that provides peace of mind to riders seeking reliable protection for their beloved bicycles. As a team of eBike enthusiasts, we at Ride Review have scoured through various reviews to bring you an overview of this product. Constructed with premium grade hardened steel, the Home Silver Chain Lock offers impressive security features that ensure the safety of your bike. With a 12mm shackle and an 8mm chain, this lock is designed to withstand theft attempts in low-risk areas. In fact, it has been independently awarded a silver security level by Sold Secure, a reassuring stamp of quality. One notable aspect of this lock is its versatility. With a generous locking length of 1.2m, the Home Silver is perfect for securing multiple bikes in your home or garage. Plus, it comes with an integrated wall hook, making storage a breeze when it's not in use. HIPLOK has also taken care to consider the condition of your bike. The lock is equipped with an anti-frame scratch sleeve, minimizing the risk of any unwanted marks on your bike's frame. Furthermore, the impact-resistant padlock coating ensures additional protection against potential damage. Beyond its security features, the Home Silver Chain Lock offers unbeatable practicality. The lock comes with a durable fabric sleeve, extending its lifespan and providing a comfortable grip during use. Additionally, its design includes an easy-to-use padlock and a high-quality nylon cover. These features add up to a lock that is portable, convenient, and easy to handle. Weighing in at 2.6 kilograms, the Home Silver Chain Lock may feel slightly heavy compared to standard locks. However, this weight is a testament to its robust build. When it comes to protecting your valuable eBike, a bit of extra weight is a small price to pay for enhanced security. In summary, the Home Silver Chain Lock by HIPLOK offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking a high-security locking option. With its premium-grade construction, versatile design, and practical features, it's no wonder that reviewers have praised this lock for its convenience and durability. So, if you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy lock to keep your bike safe, the Home Silver Chain Lock is definitely worth considering. Please note that the Home Silver Chain Lock is best suited for low-risk areas and may not withstand prolonged attacks. Additionally, some reviewers have expressed concerns about its potential impacts during accidents and its relatively higher price point. However, with HIPLOK's lifetime warranty, you can ride with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. At Ride Review, we believe that the Home Silver Chain Lock is a solid choice for riders who prioritize security and convenience without compromising on quality. So go ahead, secure your bike with the Home Silver Chain Lock and enjoy worry-free rides wherever you go.

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8 Reasons to Buy the HOME SILVER

  • The Hiplok V1.5 lock is convenient and suitable for low-risk areas.
  • It has a decent-quality construction with case-hardened steel and a nylon cover to reduce the risk of bike frame scratches.
  • The lock is portable and has nighttime visibility for easy use.
  • The Hiplok Original: Superbright provides an innovative and convenient way to carry your lock.
  • The Hiplok HOMIE SILVER Chain Lock has high-security features and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The Hiplok Original wearable bicycle lock offers convenience, quality construction, and considerable security.
  • The Hiplok D1000 lock is designed to resist cutting by angle grinders, making bike theft harder.
  • The Hiplok Gold is a wearable chain lock providing high security and is convenient for individuals without storage solutions.

5 Reasons Not to Buy the HOME SILVER

  • The Hiplok V1.5 lock doesn't withstand prolonged attacks.
  • The Hiplok wearable bike lock may have adverse impacts during accidents and is relatively expensive.
  • The Hiplok Original wearable lock needs gentle handling to prevent damage to the Velcro.
  • The Hiplok Original wearable lock may feel burdensome during lengthy biking trips.
  • The Hiplok D1000 lock is heavyweight compared to standard locks.

Bottom Line

The Hiplok line of bike locks offers a range of options for secure and convenient bike protection. With features like case-hardened steel, portable designs, and high-security features, these locks provide peace of mind for riders in low-risk areas. The innovative wearable design of the Hiplok Original and Superbright models offer added convenience and visibility. While some locks may have weight and price considerations, the overall quality construction and lifetime warranty make Hiplok locks a reliable choice for cyclists seeking both security and portability.


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