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Updated: September, 2023


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When it comes to electric scooters, there are plenty of options on the market. But if you're looking for a reliable and comfortable scooter that can handle your daily commute or just a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, the Micro Merlin is a top contender. One of the standout features of the Micro Merlin is its foldable frame. This makes it incredibly easy to transport and carry around, whether you're hopping on public transportation or storing it in a closet at home. The lightweight design also makes lifting and maneuvering the scooter a breeze. Comfort is a key priority with the Micro Merlin. The ergonomic rubber grips on the handlebar provide a comfortable hold, reducing strain on your hands during longer rides. The built-in suspension system ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on uneven terrain. And with puncture-resistant tires, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ride will remain stable and comfortable, even on bumpy roads. Safety is also a top consideration with the Micro Merlin. Automatic LED lights on the front and back of the scooter make you visible to other riders and pedestrians, especially during nighttime rides. The regenerative brakes not only help you stop smoothly, but they also charge the battery as you brake, maximizing your ride time. While the Micro Merlin has a lot of positives, there are a few downsides to consider. The range of the scooter could be a bit short compared to other scooters in its price range. Additionally, it may struggle a bit when climbing steep hills, so keep that in mind if you have hilly terrain on your commute. One small drawback is the lack of a smartphone holder on the scooter, which may be a minor inconvenience for some riders. Overall, the Micro Merlin has received rave reviews from riders. One rider mentioned that it seamlessly integrates into their daily routine, whether it's on campus or during their daily commute. Another review highlighted the comfort of the scooter, particularly the front and rear suspension that absorbs bumps in the road for a smooth ride. If you're in the market for an electric scooter that offers comfort, convenience, and safety, the Micro Merlin is definitely worth considering. With its foldable design, comfortable ride, and reliable performance, it's a great choice for riders of all levels.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Micro Merlin Electric Scooter

  • The scooter’s frame is foldable, making it extremely easy to transport and carry around.
  • The ergonomic rubber grips on both sides of the handlebar make riding this scooter extremely comfortable.
  • Front and back automatic LED lights make the scooter more visible at night.
  • The puncture-resistant tires help keep your balance and comfort even when riding on bumpy roads.
  • The scooter is lightweight, making it easy to lift and transport.
  • The regenerative brakes help you charge the battery as you are braking.
  • You can use the cruise control to easily ride the scooter without using the throttle at all times.
  • It takes only three hours to fully charge this scooter.
  • The built-in suspension allows you to ride comfortably even on uneven terrain.
  • There is a display on the handlebars that shows current battery levels, speed, while it also functions as an odometer.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Micro Merlin Electric Scooter

  • The range could be a bit short compared to other e-scooters at the same price range.
  • The scooter is a bit too slow when climbing steep hills.
  • There is no smartphone holder on the scooter.

Bottom Line

There is nothing better than knowing you are doing a good deed for our planet by driving an electric vehicle that does not contribute to pollution. With the Micro Merlin, you can move around quickly and efficiently without worrying about gas or emissions – there is no need for both. Just make sure the battery is charged, and off you go!


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