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Updated: September, 2023


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If you're looking for a thrilling and versatile electric board to zip through the city streets or explore off-road trails, the Onewheel Pint X might just be the perfect choice. With its powerful hub motor and impressive top speed of 18 mph, this e-board offers an exhilarating riding experience that is sure to put a smile on your face. One standout feature of the Onewheel Pint X is its electric transmission system, which eliminates the need for shifting gears. This means you can effortlessly navigate through traffic without missing a beat. The wide deck board provides a secure and comfortable ride, with excellent traction to keep you firmly planted on the board even when taking on hills, tight turns, or speeding down a sidewalk. What sets the Onewheel Pint X apart from other electric skateboards is its ability to conquer all types of terrain. From smooth paved roads to grassy fields, dirt paths, sandy beaches, and gravel trails, this board can handle it all. The wheel is equipped with a puncture-resistant liner, ensuring a safe ride even on rough terrains, and making it a convenient choice for longer rides. Safety is a top priority with the Onewheel Pint X, thanks to its regenerative braking system. This system enhances stopping power at high speeds, providing a comfortable and controlled braking experience. Additionally, the independent suspension system effectively distributes the weight of the board, keeping you balanced and stable without the need for front support. Durability is also a key feature of the Onewheel Pint X, with its sturdy steel frame that can withstand cool weather conditions without denting or wearing easily. However, it's important to note that this board is not sealed to be waterproof, so caution should be taken to avoid water contact that could damage the battery and shut off the motor. In terms of drawbacks, some reviewers have mentioned that the Onewheel Pint X's extreme acceleration cannot be adjusted. Additionally, it is worth noting that this e-board is priced higher than other options with similar features. However, given its impressive performance and unique riding experience, many riders feel that it's well worth the investment. Overall, the Onewheel Pint X is an exciting and versatile electric board that offers a thrilling ride on various terrains. It's perfect for those looking to explore the city or venture off the beaten path. With its powerful motor, comfortable deck, and durable construction, this e-board is sure to provide endless fun and excitement for riders of all skill levels.



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8 Reasons to Buy the Onewheel Pint X

  • With a powerful hub motor, the Onewheel Pint X runs at a top speed of 18 mph in a single charge and efficiently simmers down in case of traffic.
  • The e-board features an electric transmission system that allows riders to zip past traffic easily without having to shift gears.
  • The wide deck board of the Onewheel Pint X securely holds onto the rider's feet and has enough traction to be sure they won't slip - even while jumping through hills, zipping through turns, or speeding on a sidewalk.
  • The electric skateboard works on all terrains, from paved roads and grass, to dirt paths, sand, and gravel.
  • The wheel of the Onewheel Pint X is fitted with a puncture-resistant liner to ensure safe riding on rough trails, as well as convenience while travelling long distances.
  • The Onewheel Pint X is fitted with a regenerative braking system that promotes better stopping power at high-speeds and provides comfort to the rider.
  • Despite no front support, the rider is well balanced on the e-board through an independent suspension system that effectively distributes the weight of the board and lowers the rider’s center of gravity.
  • The steel frame of the Onewheel Pint X is great for cool weather, is durable, and doesn't dent or wear easily.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Onewheel Pint X

  • The electric board isn't sealed to be waterproof, so any contact with water can damage the battery and shut off the motor.
  • The extreme acceleration of the Onewheel Pint X cannot be adjusted.
  • The Onewheel Pint X electric skateboard is more expensive than other e-boards that have similar features.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Onewheel Pint X has proven to be a great addition to an adventure lover's equipment. It has a top speed that is low enough to be perfect for the city and high enough to give you an adrenaline rush – it's the perfect time to invest in this e-board.


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