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If you're a fan of adventure and versatility, the Pivot eVault electric bike might just be your new best friend. This lightweight and responsive bike offers top-notch comfort and uncompromised control, making it a true standout in the world of electric bikes. One of the standout features of the eVault is its Fazua motor and battery unit. Not only is it impressively light, but it's also discreetly integrated, adding to the sleek look of the bike. The sensitive touch control panel allows you to easily choose from three levels of riding assistance, giving you the power to tailor your ride to your specific needs. But let's talk about its versatility. The eVault caters to all types of riders, whether you're a city dweller navigating busy streets or an off-road adventurer tackling gravel paths. Its nimble handling and balanced design make it equally at home in both environments. Multiple reviews have praised the eVault's performance. One reviewer described it as a "lust-worthy mixed-surface weapon," while another stated that it has a "serious wow factor." Its lightweight construction and responsive nature add to its appeal, making it a joy to ride on various terrains. However, it's important to note that the eVault does have its limitations. Compared to some other similar models, the range is a bit limited. This means that if you're planning on longer rides, you may need to consider this factor and plan accordingly. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the eVault does not come with any additional accessories, such as lights or racks. While this may be a minor setback, it's something to keep in mind as it could potentially add to the overall cost of ownership. Overall, the Pivot eVault electric bike offers an exciting and exhilarating ride for those seeking adventure. Its lightweight design, responsive nature, and versatility make it a worthy investment. Just be mindful of its range limitations and potential additional accessory costs.



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5 Reasons to Buy the Pivot E-Vault

  • It’s lightweight and responsive
  • Features top-notch comfort and uncompromised control
  • The Fazua motor and battery unit are discreet and impressively light.
  • The E-Vault caters to all types of riders
  • The sensitive touch control panel allows you to choose from three levels of riding assistance

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Pivot eVault

  • The range is a bit limited compared to some other similar models
  • It does not come with any additional accessories, such as lights or racks, which could add to the cost of ownership.

Bottom Line

With its lightweight frame, powerful motor, and range of features, the Pivot E-Vault electric bike helps riders blaze their own trails and take control of their destiny. Overall, the Pivot E-Vault is an impressive electric-assist urban and gravel bike that will give riders the confidence and thrill they need to explore less traveled roads.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Pivot eVault

Is there a weight limit for the Pivot eVault riders?

The maximum weight capacity for the Pivot eVault is 120 kilograms (kg).
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How many size options are available for the Pivot eVault?

The Pivot eVault comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL, suitable for riders between 5 feet (152 cm) and 6’5” (196 cm).

What are the main reasons to consider buying the Pivot eVault according to the manufacturer?

Reasons to buy the Pivot eVault include its lightweight and responsive design, top-notch comfort and control, the light and discreet Fazua motor and battery unit, suitability for all types of riders, and the sensitive touch control panel offering three levels of riding assistance.

How much does the Pivot eVault cost?

The Pivot eVault is priced at 9999 USD.

What type of motor does the Pivot eVault use?

The Pivot eVault is equipped with a Fazua motor and battery unit, known for being lightweight and discreetly integrated into the frame.

Does the Pivot eVault come with any accessories?

No, the Pivot eVault does not come with additional accessories such as lights or racks.

What is the range of the Pivot eVault on a single charge?

The Pivot eVault has a maximum range of up to 80 kilometers (km) on a single charge.

What type of riding is the Pivot eVault best suited for?

The Pivot eVault is best suited for both urban commuting and off-road gravel adventures.

What is the Pivot eVault?

The Pivot eVault is a highly versatile electric bike designed for urban commuting and gravel riding. It features integrated power-assist technology, and ISO FLEX technology for a comfortable ride.

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