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Updated: September, 2023


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If you're looking for an eBike that combines power, agility, and a lightweight design, then look no further than the Pivot Shuttle SL. This impressive electric mountain bike has been turning heads and earning rave reviews from riders around the web. One standout feature of the Pivot Shuttle SL is its lightweight construction. The drive unit and battery are conveniently housed in the downtube, resulting in a nimble and responsive ride. This makes it feel more like an analog mountain bike, giving riders a sense of familiarity and control. Another key advantage of the Shuttle SL is its suspension system. The DW-Link suspension effectively eliminates pedal bob during hard efforts, offering a smooth and efficient ride. This is a game-changer for those looking to conquer challenging terrain without sacrificing performance. Equipped with the Fazua Ride 60 motor, the Pivot Shuttle SL delivers an impressive 60 Nm of torque. This motor provides ample power to tackle steep climbs and challenging trails, allowing riders to push their limits and explore new adventures. While the Pivot Shuttle SL has garnered high praise, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Some riders have noted that the rear Shimano XT brake lacks bite, which can impact braking performance. Additionally, the battery removal process can be fiddly, which can be a minor inconvenience. One aspect mentioned frequently in reviews is that the Pivot Shuttle SL falls on the pricey side of the spectrum. However, for riders who prioritize quality, performance, and a lightweight design, the price tag may be justifiable. Overall, the Pivot Shuttle SL is a kick-ass machine that offers an exciting glimpse into the future of eBikes. Its aggressive geometry and top-notch features make it an excellent choice for riders who thrive on adrenaline and demand the best in performance. Whether you're navigating technical trails or conquering steep climbs, the Pivot Shuttle SL is ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime.



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7 Reasons to Buy the Pivot Shuttle

  • It’s lightweight
  • The drive unit and battery are conveniently housed in the downtube
  • The DW-Link suspension eliminates pedal bob during hard efforts
  • The bike is agile and responsive
  • The quality full suspension setup
  • Features a lightweight, quick and agile feel similar to analog mountain bikes
  • The Fazua Ride 60 motor offers 60 Nm of torque

4 Reasons Not to Buy the Pivot Shuttle

  • The rear Shimano XT brake lacks bite
  • Battery removal is fiddly
  • Expensive
  • Too many gear shifts and motor modes

Bottom Line

The Pivot Shuttle is a highly rated ebike that has all the features enthusiasts could want. It is lightweight, has an aggressive geometry, and is designed to perform like a regular mountain bike. The battery life is impressive, even on long rides with lots of climbing. It also has a low center of gravity, a long wheelbase, and short rear, making it a great option for downhill riding.


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