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Updated: April, 2024

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At Ride Review, we pride ourselves on being the go-to source for all things micromobility. That's why we poured through the web to bring you an overview of one of the most highly sought-after eBikes on the market: The Rambo Rebel. Now, let's start with a story. Picture this: you're deep in the backwoods, on the hunt for big game. The terrain is rough, the grades are steep, but you've got a secret weapon - the Rambo Rebel 1000W Xtreme Performance electric fat tire bike. Built with the extreme rider in mind, this bike will take you where others can't. And it does it all in style, with its TrueTimber Viper Western Camo frame that offers both concealment and looks. The Rambo Rebel has gained a reputation for its high performance, and it's easy to see why. With a powerful 1000W mid-drive motor, this bike delivers unrivaled power and speed. Whether you're cruising through the city streets or tackling off-road trails, the Rambo Rebel will get you there, and fast. Speaking of off-road adventures, the Rambo Rebel is built to handle rough terrains with ease. Its fat tires and sturdy frame ensure a reliable and safe ride, no matter the conditions. And for those who enjoy outdoor adventures like hunting or camping, the Rambo Rebel shines with its versatile functionalities. Gear-carrying abilities make it easy to bring all your essential equipment along for the ride. But the Rambo Rebel isn't just about power and functionality. It also boasts high-end build quality. From the top-notch components like the Bafang mid-drive motor to the aluminum alloy frame, this bike is built to last. And let's not forget about the attractive design. The Rambo Rebel 1000W E-Bike, in particular, stands out with its eye-catching camo design that adds a touch of style to your adventures. Now, let's talk about range and battery life. The Rambo Rebel won't leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. With a battery range of up to 65 miles, you can enjoy long rides without worrying about running out of power. Plus, the removable battery makes it easy to charge up and get back on the road. While the Rambo Rebel has received high praise from riders, it's important to note a few considerations. Some reviewers have mentioned that the price of the bike may be a deterrent for some buyers. It's certainly an investment, but one that offers great value for money with its top-tier performance and two-year warranty. Additionally, there have been a few mentions of the need for additional accessories like headlights, which can add to the overall cost of the bike. And one reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with the placement of the kickstand, a minor inconvenience for some users. Overall, the Rambo Rebel is a standout eBike that offers high performance, reliable and safe riding, versatile functionalities, good speed, and an attractive design. It's a top choice for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys the thrill of off-road adventures. While it may come with a higher price tag, the Rambo Rebel delivers on its promises and is an excellent choice for those looking for an extreme riding experience.



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7 Reasons to Buy the THE REBEL

  • High performance: The Rambo Rebel ST is equipped with a powerful 1000W mid-drive motor and is praised for its superior ride quality.
  • Reliable and safe: The bike is built to handle rough terrains with fat tires and a sturdy frame, ensuring a reliable and safe ride.
  • Versatile functionalities: The bike is praised for its gear-carrying abilities, making it a great option for hunters or anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures.
  • Good speed: The bike offers good speed for city cruising or off-road use.
  • Range and battery life: The bike's battery has a range of up to 65 miles, providing a decent battery life for long rides.
  • High-end build quality: The Rambo Rebel bikes are praised for their high-end build quality, featuring top-notch components such as a Bafang mid-drive motor and an aluminum alloy frame.
  • Attractive design: The bikes have an attractive design, with the Rambo Rebel 1000W E-Bike specifically mentioned for its camo design.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the THE REBEL

  • Pricey: The Rambo Rebel ST is considered a bit pricey, which may be a deterrent for some buyers.
  • Additional accessories needed: According to one review, there is a need to purchase additional accessories like headlights, which could add to the overall cost of the bike.
  • Placement of kickstand: One reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with the placement of the kickstand, which could be a minor inconvenience for some users.

Bottom Line

The Rambo Rebel ST is a high-performance micromobility vehicle that offers a superior ride quality and reliable performance on rough terrains. With its versatile functionalities and gear-carrying abilities, it's perfect for outdoor adventurers and hunters. The bike provides good speed for both city cruising and off-road use, and its impressive battery life allows for long rides of up to 65 miles. The high-end build quality and attractive design add to its appeal. While it may be considered pricey and require additional accessories, the Rambo Rebel ST's overall performance and potential for improvement make it a top-tier option for those seeking an exceptional micromobility experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions - THE REBEL

What are the wheel dimensions of THE REBEL?

THE REBEL has 26-inch diameter wheels with a width of 4.8 inches.
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What class type is THE REBEL eBike?

THE REBEL is a Class 3 eBike.

What type of terrain is THE REBEL eBike suited for?

THE REBEL eBike is suited for Off-Road, Mountain, Trail, and Hunting use cases.

Is the battery on THE REBEL eBike removable?

Yes, THE REBEL features a removable battery.

Does THE REBEL have a suspension system?

No, THE REBEL does not feature a suspension system as per the provided information.

What is the maximum range of THE REBEL on a single battery charge?

THE REBEL's battery has a range of up to 65 miles or approximately 77 kilometers on a single charge.

What is the motor wattage of THE REBEL eBike?

THE REBEL is equipped with a 1000W mid-drive motor.

What type of brakes does THE REBEL use?

THE REBEL is fitted with Mechanical Disc Brakes.

What kind of frame does THE REBEL have?

THE REBEL has an Aluminum frame.

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