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Here at Ride Review, we understand the importance of finding the perfect helmet that not only offers superior protection but also provides unparalleled comfort during your rides. That's why we were excited to dive into the reviews of the Smith Engage mountain bike helmet. The first thing that caught our attention was the unanimous praise for the fit and comfort of the Engage MIPS helmet. Reviewers raved about its ability to provide a secure fit without any pressure points around the head. This ensures that you can focus on the trail without any distractions. Additionally, the extended back coverage and good overall head coverage offer peace of mind in case of any impacts. One aspect that stood out in the reviews was the impressive mix of value and quality that the Engage MIPS provides. At a price of $130, it offers features and performance that are comparable to higher-priced options on the market. In fact, some reviewers mentioned that previous year models are currently on sale, making it an even more affordable choice. The Engage MIPS excels in terms of ventilation, with 21 fixed vents that provide consistent airflow. This, combined with Smith's AirEvac ventilation system, prevents fogging of goggles or sunglasses and keeps you cool and comfortable during hot days or intense climbs. The helmet also features convenient channels on the front for easy eyewear storage and a two-position adjustable visor for on-the-go goggle storage. When it comes to build quality, ride quality, design, and value, the Engage MIPS receives high marks. Reviewers praised its lightweight feel, comfort, and durability, making it an excellent choice for riders who want a helmet that can withstand the demands of their adventures. Overall, the Smith Engage MIPS mountain bike helmet offers an impressive combination of fit, comfort, and performance at an affordable price. Whether you're tackling big berms, rock gardens, or flowy rollers, the Engage MIPS will provide the confidence and protection you need on the trail.




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8 Reasons to Buy the Engage

  • Impressive fit and comfort with no pressure points
  • Good coverage of the head
  • Great mix of value and quality
  • Lightweight with good, deep, extended coverage
  • Promotes airflow and prevents fogging of goggles or sunglasses
  • Superior build quality, ride quality, design, and value
  • Comes with MIPS technology for safety
  • Lightweight feel, comfort, and durability

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Engage

  • Moderately high price
  • No chin protection

Bottom Line

The Engage micromobility vehicle offers an impressive combination of comfort, quality, and value. It provides a lightweight and well-ventilated design that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride. With its superior build quality and added safety features like MIPS technology, the Engage vehicle proves to be a reliable and durable option for any rider. Its extended coverage and prevention of fogging further enhance the overall experience. With no reasons mentioned against it, the Engage micromobility vehicle is undoubtedly a top choice for those seeking an exceptional ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Engage

What are some reasons someone might choose not to buy the Smith Engage helmet?

One might choose not to buy the Smith Engage helmet due to its moderately high price and the lack of chin protection.
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What materials are used in the construction of the Engage helmet?

The helmet features lightweight construction with Zonal KOROYD™ material; however, detailed material specifics are not provided.

What safety features does the Smith Engage mountain bike helmet include?

The Smith Engage mountain bike helmet includes Zonal KOROYD™ and Mips® technology for energy-absorbing impact protection in the event of a crash.

How is the ventilation system designed in the Engage helmet?

The Engage helmet has 20 fixed vents and includes Smith's AirEvac ventilation system to provide consistent airflow, prevent fogging of goggles or sunglasses, and keep you cool and comfortable.

Is the Smith Engage helmet considered a good value for its price?

The helmet is praised for providing a great mix of value and quality at the price of $130, with features and performance comparable to higher-priced options.

Does the Engage helmet cater to different head sizes?

Yes, it has a dial-adjustable fit to accommodate various head sizes and provide a locked-in feel.

Is the Smith Engage helmet comfortable to wear?

Yes, the Smith Engage helmet is noted for its impressive fit and comfort, with an absence of pressure points for a secure fit without distractions.

Can eyewear be easily stored with the Smith Engage helmet?

Yes, the helmet has channels on the front making it easy to stow eyewear and a two-position visor that rotates up for on-the-go goggle storage.

What is the weight of the Smith Engage mountain bike helmet?

The weight specifics are not provided, but the helmet is described as having a lightweight feel.

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