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If you want to introduce your little ones to the exciting world of eBikes, look no further than the SUPER73-K1D. This all-new electric balance bike is designed specifically for children aged 4-8, helping them gain confidence, develop their skills, and create their own unforgettable adventures. With improved components, design upgrades, and innovative features, SUPER73 has crafted a kid-friendly ride that both children and parents will love. One standout feature of the SUPER73-K1D is its improved components. Based on customer feedback, SUPER73 has made enhancements to ensure better performance, safety, and durability. From the intuitive red twist throttle to the removable battery and regenerative braking system, every aspect of the K1D has been designed with young riders in mind. Charging convenience is also a top priority with the SUPER73-K1D. The bike features super-fast charging, allowing your little ones to spend more time riding and less time waiting for their bike to power up. This feature is not only convenient for children but also for parents who want to keep the adventure going. In terms of design, the SUPER73-K1D has undergone significant upgrades. The Adventure Series introduces suspension, seats, and tires that enhance handling and ensure a smoother ride. Battery placement has been intelligently altered to further improve the bike's maneuverability, allowing young riders to navigate their surroundings with ease. The included LFP battery type is not only safer for children but also longer-lasting, ensuring that the fun doesn't have to end prematurely. In addition to the K1D, SUPER73 has also launched an impressive lineup of adult eBikes, including models with front suspension for a more comfortable ride. The company's commitment to innovative design and battery technology is evident across their entire range. From the Adventure Series to the upcoming C1X electric motorcycle, SUPER73 continues to push the boundaries and deliver exceptional micromobility solutions. With the SUPER73-K1D, children can embark on their first exciting adventure with an electric balance bike that's both safe and thrilling. Priced at $1,295, this eBike offers a fantastic introduction to the world of micromobility for kids aged 4-8. Order now and watch as your little ones gain confidence, develop their skills, and become part of the coolest family on the block.


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7 Reasons to Buy the SUPER73-K1D

  • Improved components for better performance, safety, and durability.
  • Super-fast charging for convenient use.
  • Design upgrades including suspension, seats, and tires for improved handling.
  • Battery placement changes to enhance handling.
  • Safer and longer-lasting LFP battery type used in the kids' bike.
  • Innovations in design and battery technology.
  • Front suspension on adult bikes for a more comfortable ride.

1 Reasons Not to Buy the SUPER73-K1D

  • No specific reasons not to buy mentioned in the reviews.

Bottom Line

The SUPER73-K1D is a highly recommended micromobility vehicle that offers improved components, fast charging, and design upgrades for an enhanced riding experience. With innovations in design and battery technology, this vehicle provides both safety and durability. Whether you're an adult looking for a comfortable ride with front suspension or a parent seeking a kids' bike with a safer and longer-lasting battery, the SUPER73-K1D delivers on all fronts.

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Frequently Asked Questions - SUPER73-K1D

What is the charging time for the SUPER73-K1D?

The SUPER73-K1D features super-fast charging, although the exact charging time is not specified in the product information provided.
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What are the improved components on the SUPER73-K1D?

The improved components on the K1D include an intuitive red twist throttle, a removable battery, and a regenerative braking system for better performance, safety, and durability.

Does the SUPER73-K1D have any features that enhance its handling?

Yes, the SUPER73-K1D has undergone design upgrades including the introduction of suspension, seats, and tires for improved handling, along with a smartly placed battery to ease maneuverability.

Can the SUPER73-K1D's battery be removed?

Yes, the SUPER73-K1D has a removable battery feature.

What type of battery does the SUPER73-K1D use?

The SUPER73-K1D uses an LFP battery type, which is safer and longer-lasting, specifically chosen for children's use.

What is the price of the SUPER73-K1D?

The SUPER73-K1D is priced at $1,295.

Is there a front suspension feature on the SUPER73-K1D?

The provided information does not specify a front suspension for the K1D, but mentions front suspension on adult bikes in the company's lineup.

How much does the SUPER73-K1D weigh?

The SUPER73-K1D weighs approximately 12.25 kg.

What age range is the SUPER73-K1D eBike designed for?

The SUPER73-K1D eBike is designed specifically for children aged 4-8 years old.

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