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Velotric T1 E-Bike

Updated: September, 2023


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The search for the perfect electric bike can be overwhelming. With so many options on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for you. But fear not, because we at Ride Review have done the legwork for you. Introducing the Velotric T1 E-Bike, a sleek, lightweight, and powerful electric bike designed for everyday enjoyment. This smart bike is engineered with fitness-focused users in mind, combining impressive features with a stylish design. But what sets the Velotric T1 apart from the competition? Let's start with its design. The Velotric T1 redefines the typical e-bike design with its clean, sleek lines and integrated battery system. No more unsightly wires and bulky battery packs. The Velotric T1 looks just like a regular bike, but it's packed with plenty of power. And at just 36 lbs (16 kg), it's ultralight and designed for urban and beyond. Whether you're zipping through city streets or exploring the countryside, the Velotric T1 is the perfect grab-and-go choice. But it's not just about looks. The Velotric T1 is powered by Velopower E35+, their smart proprietary drive system. With a torque sensor for best-in-class smoothness and a powerful motor, the Velotric T1 can breeze through city streets with ease. It offers a 350W (peak 600W) motor and 45Nm of torque, allowing you to conquer hills and tackle rough terrain. And with its 36V 9.8Ah battery, you can go up to 70 miles on a single charge. Safety features are also a priority with the Velotric T1. Equipped with their Smart+ Hub and GPS tracking, it's easy to find your bike via the Velotric app. Plus, the ambient light sensing headlight automatically turns on when it gets dark, ensuring you're visible to others on the road. And with features like Anti-Theft Alert, Keyless Unlock, and Ride Customization, the Velotric app enhances your riding experience and keeps your bike secure. What about the riding experience itself? The Velotric T1 doesn't disappoint. Riders have praised its great ride quality and high-performance components. The bike offers a seamless, bicycle-like experience, whether you're using power assistance or not. And with personalizable upgrades in tires, saddle, and handlebars, you can customize the bike to your preferences and enjoy an even greater riding experience. Of course, no product is perfect. Despite its many strengths, the Velotric T1 does have some minor drawbacks. The non-removable battery may be a downside for some, and riders have reported struggles on large hills. There have also been a few assembly problems and app issues, but these seem to be isolated incidents. In conclusion, the Velotric T1 E-Bike is a smart, high-quality, and easy-to-ride electric bike that stands out from the competition. Its sleek design, hidden battery system, and impressive ride quality make it a standout choice for riders looking for a more traditional cycling experience. While it may have a few minor shortcomings, the Velotric T1 offers great value for its price. So why wait? Grab your Velotric T1 and start enjoying the benefits of electric biking today.



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9 Reasons to Buy the Velotric T1 E-Bike

  • The Velotric Thunder 1 and 1 ST are lightweight, road-style ebikes with sleek design and impressive features targeted to fitness-focused users.
  • The bikes are relatively affordable and offer a good balance between price and quality.
  • The Velotric T1 electric bike was named the best electric bike overall in recent testing and review.
  • The Thunder 1 is a fantastic ebike with great out-of-the-box performance, overall cohesion, design, and materials.
  • The Velotric T1 e-bike redefines the typical e-bike design and is a smart, high-quality, and easy to ride e-bike.
  • The Velotric T1 comes with high-quality components, a smart app, easy-on-the-eye design, and is light enough to carry.
  • The Velotric T1 has a sleek design, hidden battery system, and good ride quality.
  • The Velo trick T1 is a high-performing electric gravel bike with an impressive build and aesthetic design.
  • The bike offers several personalizable upgrades in tires, saddle, and handlebars, providing a greater riding experience.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Velotric T1 E-Bike

  • The Velotric Thunder 1 and 1 ST have a non-removable battery and potential struggles on large hills.
  • The Velotric T1 e-bike has some minor assembly problems and app issues.
  • The cost of the Velotric T1 is a bit over the average budget, affecting its value score slightly.

Bottom Line

The Velotric T1 E-Bike is a sleek and high-performing electric bike that offers great value for fitness-focused riders. With its lightweight design, high-quality components, and customizable upgrades, it provides a fantastic riding experience. While it may have some minor assembly and app issues, its overall cohesion, hidden battery system, and impressive build make it a smart and easy-to-ride e-bike. Though slightly pricier than average, the Velotric T1 is a well-rounded option that redefines the typical e-bike design.


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