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Updated: November, 2023


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After pouring through various reviews from around the web, we at Ride Review have come across the Yakima FullBack, a trunk-mounted bike rack that offers a blend of convenience, security, and style. Available in both two-bike and three-bike options, the FullBack is designed to securely hold your bikes while being simple to use and install. One of the standout features of the FullBack is its ease of installation. Users praised its easy setup process, with Yakima providing thorough instructions that make the installation a breeze. In fact, many reviewers mentioned that the rack could be set up in as little as five minutes. This is a great feature for those who frequently need to attach and detach the rack from their vehicles. When it comes to security, the FullBack does not disappoint. The rack securely holds bikes and performs consistently, providing peace of mind while on the road. Reviewers noted that the rack is ruggedly constructed and offers a locking package to deter bike theft. This is an important consideration for anyone who values the safety of their bikes. In terms of versatility, the FullBack offers a solution for various styles of vehicles. It is compatible with most types of cars and SUVs, making it a flexible option for different users. However, it's worth mentioning that some reviewers pointed out limitations regarding support arm design, which may pose challenges for modern mountain bikes. Convenience is also a key factor with the FullBack. The rack is designed to be lightweight and fold conveniently, making it easy to store when not in use. This is particularly useful for those who may have limited storage space or need to take the rack on trips where it won't always be in use. While the FullBack offers many benefits, there are a few minor downsides to consider. Reviewers mentioned that the tension of the nylon webbing straps should be checked regularly to ensure a secure fit. Additionally, the rack is not recommended for a wide variety of bikes or for racks that consistently stay attached to vehicles. It's important to keep these limitations in mind when considering the FullBack. In terms of pricing, the FullBack is relatively priced higher, with the three-bike option priced at $449 and the two-bike option priced at $399. While this may seem steep for some, reviewers noted that the FullBack provides an economical and secure option for transporting bikes, which makes the investment worthwhile for those in need of a reliable bike rack. In summary, the Yakima FullBack is a quality trunk-mounted bike rack that offers ease of use, security, and modern style. It performs consistently and securely holds bikes, making it a reliable option for riders on the go. While it may have some limitations and a relatively high price point, the FullBack is a versatile and convenient solution for transporting bikes without the need for additional accessories like cross bars or hitch receivers.

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10 Reasons to Buy the FullBack

  • Easy to install trunk-mounted bike rack
  • Securely holds bikes and performs consistently
  • Quality trunk-mount rack
  • Versatile for various styles of vehicles
  • Light and folds conveniently
  • Can carry two bikes up to 35 lbs each
  • Combination of function and modern style
  • Economical and secure option for transporting bikes
  • Does not require cross bars, towball, or hitch receiver
  • Thorough instructions included

8 Reasons Not to Buy the FullBack

  • Challenging for modern mountain bikes
  • Some limitations due to support arm design
  • Tension of nylon webbing straps should be checked regularly
  • Quirks associated with the product
  • Limited options for a variety of bikes
  • Not recommended for racks that almost always stay attached to vehicles
  • Relatively high price ($449 for three-bike option, $399 for two-bike option)
  • Minor differences between FullBack and HalfBack models not specified

Bottom Line

The FullBack trunk-mounted bike rack is a versatile and reliable option for transporting bikes. Its easy installation, secure hold, and convenient folding feature make it a must-have for any cycling enthusiast. With the ability to carry up to two bikes and its compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, this rack combines functionality with modern style. While it may have some limitations with certain bike designs, the FullBack is a cost-effective and secure choice for transporting bikes without the need for additional equipment. Just make sure to regularly check the tension of the nylon webbing straps. With thorough instructions included and no requirement for cross bars or hitch receivers, it's a user-friendly and accessible option. While it may have some minor quirks and a relatively high price, the FullBack is a top-notch bike rack that deserves consideration.


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