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HangTight 4

Updated: November, 2023


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At Ride Review, we've scoured the web to bring you an overview of the HangTight 4 bike rack from Yakima. Designed for mountain bikes with suspension forks, this versatile rack aims to provide stability and ease of use for both avid mountain bikers and families looking for two-wheeled adventures. One standout feature of the HangTight 4 is its great build quality, ensuring that your bikes are securely and safely transported. With fully padded cradles that support each bike by the handlebars, this rack offers a shuttle-ready blend of stability and ease of use. Customers have praised the quality straps and robust mounts, highlighting their confidence in the security of their bikes during transportation. However, it's important to note a few limitations of the HangTight 4. Firstly, this rack is on the expensive side, with a price point of $849. While its build quality justifies the price for some, it may not be the most budget-friendly option for everyone. Additionally, the weight capacity of the rack might be challenging, as it is not suitable for heavier mountain or electric bikes. This limitation can restrict the rack's versatility for riders with certain types of bikes. Mixed customer feedback has been reported regarding the HangTight 4, with an average rating of 3 stars. While some users have praised its performance and ease of use, others have experienced product issues. We always take into account customer feedback and consider it an important aspect of our overviews. In terms of compatibility, the HangTight 4 is designed to accommodate a variety of bike types. Whether you're a mountain biking enthusiast requiring to load multiple bikes or a family exploring the outdoors together, this rack aims to meet your needs. It is recommended for families and biking crews due to its easy loading/unloading feature and compatibility with various bike types. It's worth mentioning that the HangTight 4 has some design limitations. It is unable to tilt down for rear hatch access, which may be inconvenient for some users. Additionally, its height can pose a challenge, especially when loading taller bikes. Lastly, the rack lacks a folding feature for easy storage, which might be a drawback for those with limited storage space. Overall, the Yakima HangTight 4 bike rack offers great build quality, easy use, and versatility for its target market. It is suitable for mountain biking enthusiasts and families looking to transport multiple bikes. However, its high price point, limitations with weight capacity and certain bike types, as well as mixed customer feedback, are important factors to consider when making a purchasing decision. At Ride Review, we strive to provide you with comprehensive overviews to help you find the perfect product for your biking needs.

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9 Reasons to Buy the HangTight 4

  • Great build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for mountain bikes with suspension forks
  • Suitable for mountain biking enthusiasts requiring to load multiple bikes
  • Accommodates a variety of bikes
  • Recommended for families and biking crews with easy loading/unloading feature
  • Compatible with various bike types
  • Securely and safely transports bikes of various sizes and styles
  • Quality straps and robust mounts

10 Reasons Not to Buy the HangTight 4

  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for heavier mountain or electric bikes
  • Mixed customer feedback
  • High price point
  • Product issues reported
  • Weight capacity might be challenging
  • Inability to tilt down for rear hatch access
  • Height might be challenging
  • Lack of folding feature for easy storage
  • Inability to carry full-size eMTBs

Bottom Line

The HangTight bike rack offers exceptional build quality and ease of use, making it a top choice for mountain biking enthusiasts. It effortlessly accommodates a variety of bike types and securely transports them with high-quality straps and robust mounts. While it may come with a higher price point and some limitations for heavier or electric bikes, its convenient loading/unloading feature and compatibility with various sizes and styles make it an excellent option for families and biking crews. Despite some mixed customer feedback and reported product issues, the HangTight bike rack remains a reliable and secure choice for those seeking a durable and versatile bike transport solution.


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