Rider's Choice Awards 2024

It is time to celebrate the amazing companies in our industry of small electric vehicles. Vote and make your voice heard, then find out the winners live at the Rider's Choice Awards 2024.
1oT is a carrier independent connectivity provider for IoT. We combine everything that's needed to run a global IoT company. 1 SIM card for global IoT deployments with 2G, 3G, 4G & LTE-M connectivity. One interface to manage SIM cards and connectivity. Plus 1 invoice for all the SIMs, wherever they are.
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2hire develops a technology to connect and remotely control all kinds of vehicles by enabling interaction and reading of parameters.
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7Mesh has been a game-changer for cyclists across the world since its establishment in 2013. Based in the town of Squamish, British Columbia, this company has been answering cyclists’ questions, “What should I wear when I’m hitting the trails?” with their creative apparel solutions. With an eye for design and attention to detail, 7Mesh creates advanced road, gravel, and mountain gear tailored for every elevation.
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99 Spokes
99 Spokes is all the bikes, in one place, with powerful tools that provide easy to understand analysis for your next bike purchase.
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ABUS has been providing security products since 1942. The company’s products are easy to use, reliable, and have a long service life. ABUS offers a wide range of cutting-edge security products for home security, commercial security, and mobile security. The company’s research and development center continuously works on improving its products.
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ADO E-Bikes
From off-road adventures to daily commuting, ADO has just the ebike for you to suit your needs. Shop our fleet of award-winning electric bikes at ADO eBikes UK today.
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AER Electric is a UK-based company making adult electric scooters.
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AKO Technical
AKO Technical is a company that specializes in electric vehicles. They have developed their vehicle platform, and their products are used by major companies worldwide. Their vehicles are reliable and efficient, offering various customization options. If you're looking for an electric perfect vehicle option, be sure to check out AKO Technical!
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AKO Trike
AKO is a company that produces is an all-electric inverse leaning trike.
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Aostirmotor is a California-based company that was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing high quality electric bikes for convenient, enjoyable riding. Based in Ontario, CA, Aostirmotor's passion for pairing innovative technology with custom craftsmanship has made it one of the leading names in the e-bike industry. From sleek designs to durable constructions, their wide range of products is designed to meet your every need so you can get out and explore at your own pace.
AOVOPRO.COM is a technology enterprise and has strong base in outdoor and electronic cycle
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APBP (Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals)
APBP is a community of practitioners working to create more walkable, bikeable places.
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ATOM Mobility
ATOM Mobility is an all-in-one solution for shared mobility helping operators and SMEs to launch their own vehicle sharing platforms in 20 days.
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AVS Electronic (HK) Ltd
Since 2008, AVS Electronics has been developing, producing, and marketing OEM/ODM HMI software & hardware solutions for the e-Mobility industry. AVS offers a full range of smart and modular displays, controllers, and remotes with a large selection of appealing designs and unique features.
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Absolutely Courier
Absolutely Courier is a London-based courier service that utilizes cargo bike fleets to fulfill parcel deliveries.
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Accell Group
Accell Group makes bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. They are the European market leader in e-bikes and second largest in bicycle parts and accessories.
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Acciona is a Spanish infrastructure, utility, and energy company that operates an e-moped platform.
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Acedeck Boards
Having ridden electric skateboards for more than 10 years, we still felt like our equipment was missing something. We wanted an electric skateboard that suited for our growing ambition in the sport, one that satisfied our desire for perfection, at a realistic price. Unfortunately, the marketplace had just two options: expensive custom kits, or affordable pre-made boards that lack some of the specifications. And it felt like we had tried them all. Then it dawned on us: why not create a brand ourselves? Together we had 10 years of expertise, we knew what riders wanted, and we knew the technical inputs that made an eskateboard great. This is how Acedeck was born.
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Acton is an e-scooter manufacturer based out of California.
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Addmotor is a California-based company that produces fat tire e-bikes for a range of different use cases.
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