Rider's Choice Awards 2024

It is time to celebrate the amazing companies in our industry of small electric vehicles. Voting is now closed. Find out the winners live at the Rider's Choice Awards 2024.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the winners be announced?

On January 25th at the Rider's Choice Awards, co-hosted with Micromobility World. Make sure to register for the event while it is still free.

How are the winners determined?

There will be three rounds of elimination-style voting.

  • Quarter Finals: On November 15th, the bottom 30% of nominees in each category in terms of popular vote will be taken out of the voting.

  • Semi Finals: On December 15th, the next bottom 30% of nominees in each category in terms of popular votes will also be eliminated from voting. 

  • Finalists: On January 23rd, the finalists in each category will be revealed and advance to the finals. Finals voting will continue until the the night of January 24th. An independent panel of judges will verify the results and announce the ultimate winner in each category at the Rider's Choice Awards in partnership with Micromobility World on January 25th.

Does the voting start over with each round? 

No, we continue to keep the votes from the previous round, all votes are cumulative.

What if I don’t see my company? How can I get my company eligible?

Submit your company here. Once approved your company will also show up in the voting. You need to submit your company before November 15th to be eligible for a Rider’s Choice Award.

Can I vote for the same company twice?

No, votes are monitored and analyzed for suspicious activity, and duplicates are removed. No form of voting fraud will work. That doesn’t hold you back from inviting all your fans, family, friends, colleagues, and haters to vote for your company. They are all eligible!

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